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Masters of the Universe: Revelation – Part 2 Trailer

Netflix released a trailer for Masters of the Universe: Revelation – Part 2. The trailer reveals that Prince Adam doesn’t need his Sword of Power to call upon the Power of Grayskull, and he transforms into Savage He-Man without it. Masters of the Universe: Revelation – Part 2 premieres on Netflix on November 23.

Cowboy Bebop Photos

Netflix shared a series of character posters from their upcoming live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop. The posters show the team’s hilarious dynamics, and even reveal the strange bounties to come. Cowboy Bebop shoots onto Netflix on November 19.

A Quiet Place Video Game

Saber Interactive announced their next video game adaptation. They will be making a video game that takes place in the world of John Krasinki’s A Quiet Place, a post-apocalyptic nightmare where humans are hunted by a vicious race of blind aliens with a startlingly accurate sense of hearingThe video game adaptation of A Quiet Place will launch in 2022.

Wendell & Wild Promo

Netflix released a promo for the Wendell & Wild, a new stop-motion animated film from Henry Selick. Selick is known for his work on The Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline. The movie follows the demons Wendell and Wild as they “escape the Underworld and find themselves in a town where they must evade demon-duster teenager Kat, who is trying to destroy them.”

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