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Pop Culture Headlines – Mortal Kombat 2 with Marvel Writer

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Mortal Kombat Sequel with Marvel’s Moon Knight Writer

According to Deadline, New Line Cinema is set to make a sequel to their Mortal Kombat film. The film will be written by Jeremy Slater, who also wrote for Marvel‘s Moon Knight. There is no further news about the Mortal Kombat sequel at this time.

The Batman Poster

DC shared a new poster for The Batman. The poster shows Bruce Wayne in the crosshairs of a question mark, and shows The Riddler, The Penguin, Catwoman, and Batman in a collage behind him. The Batman will glide into theaters on March 4.

Peacemaker Episode 5

HBO Max released the fifth episode of DC’s PeacemakerThe episode is called “Monkey Dory,” and follows the characters to a small factory that may reveal the secrets of the butterflies. The fifth episode of Peacemaker is on HBO Max now.

Uncharted Poster

Sony shared a new poster for Uncharted. The poster shows Nathan Drake, played by Spider-Man‘s Tom Holland, hanging from a crate dangling out of a plane. Uncharted is set to shoot into theaters on February 18.

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