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Street Fighter 6 New Character

Sony and Capcom shared a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming game Street Fighter 6. The gameplay shows off the classic character Juri and introduces Kimberly, a spunky new ninja with unique spray paint style. You’ll be able to play as Kimberly and Juri when Street Fighter 6 debuts some time in 2023.

 The Cuphead Show! New Episodes

Netflix released the first official trailer for new episodes of The Cuphead Show! The trailer shows Mugman and Cuphead getting arrested, but they’re invited back out for another adventure with Chalice. Only the finest demons will seek the adventurous bunch when new episodes of The Cuphead Show! premieres on Netflix on August 19.

DC Comics’ The Penguin Series Update

Ever since the merger of WB and Discovery, many projects have been canceled, most notably, DC Comics‘ Batgirl film. In the following weeks, multiple sources have claimed that some projects are still moving forward. Recently, Deadline reported that The Batman spinoff series starring Colin Farrell’s Penguin is still moving forward. The Penguin series is said to start filming next February.

I Am Groot Poster


Marvel shared another poster for their upcoming series of original shorts I Am GrootThe poster is from the episode “Groot’s Pursuit” where something spooky has come to the Quadrant. All five shorts of I Am Groot will be available on Disney+ on August 10.

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