Pop Culture Headlines – The Boys Season 3 Premiere

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The Boys Season 3 Premiere

The third season of The Boys is here. With Billy Butcher working for Hughie, it’s only a matter of time before war breaks out. And with a new Anti-Supe weapon, this time they can level the playing field. The first three episodes of The Boys are on Amazon Prime now.

Star Wars: Andor™ Poster

Star Wars™ shared a new poster for their upcoming series Star Wars: Andor™. The poster shows a weathered and stylized portrait of Cassian Andor looking over his shoulder. Star Wars: Andor will fly onto Disney+ on August 31.

Percy Jackson Series Casting

According to Variety, and confirmed by series creator Rick Riordan, Disney+ has added five to to the cast of the Percy Jackson series. Virginia Kull will play Sally Jackson, Jason Mantzoukas will play Mr. D AKA Dionysus, Megan Mullally will play Mrs. Dodds AKA Alecto, Glynn Turman will play Mr. Brunner AKA Chiron, and Timm Sharp will be Gabe Ugliano.

Ms. Marvel Character Posters

Marvel shared new character posters for their upcoming series Ms. Marvel. The posters introduce Nakia, Bruno, Kamran, Zoe, Aamir, Tyesha, and Kamala’s parents with bright collage backgrounds. Ms. Marvel will embiggen onto Disney+ on June 8.

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