Pop Culture Headlines – The CW’s Gotham Knights Poster

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The CW’s Gotham Knights Poster

The CW released a new poster for their upcoming DC Comics‘ series Gotham Knights. The poster gives us our first look at Batman‘s son Turner Hayes, The Joker‘s daughter Duela Dent, Carrie Kelley, and siblings Harper and Cullen Row. Gotham Knights will glide onto The CW in 2023.

Stranger Things Final Trailer

Netflix shared the final trailer for Stranger Things season 4 volume 1. The trailer teases a return to Hawkins, a grand adventure to California, and battles that range from Dungeons & Dragons to the Upside Down. Stranger Things season 4 volume 1 premieres on Netflix on May 27.

Twisted Metal Casting

Peacock has brought on two more to the cast of their upcoming Twisted Metal series adaptation. Thomas Haden Church, known for his role as Sandman in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Neve Campbell have both been cast. Church will play Agent Stone, a post-apocalyptic highway patrolman, and Campbell will play Raven, a dedicated friend on a warpath.

The Winchesters Trailer

The CW released a new trailer for their upcoming Supernatural spinoff series The Winchesters. The series follows John and Mary Winchester as they meet, fight monsters, and begin to fall in love. The Winchesters will premiere on The CW this fall.

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