Ranking Popular Witches from Least to Most Powerful

There are a handful of monsters that come to mind when you think of Halloween. Vampires, ghouls, and werewolves are just a few, but that’s just the icing on the cake. The real meat and potatoes, if you will, of the spooky holiday are witches. They’re synonymous with the bewitching season, decorating many porches as Halloween décor and running around all over the place during trick-or-treating.

So, let’s celebrate both the holiday and magical women by ranking popular witches from pop culture in order from least to most powerful. Keep in mind, “powerful” is subjective. There are several factors to consider, but the most important factors are magical knowledge, abilities, and combat skills. That’s mostly what we’ll take into consideration.

Without further ado, here is the ranking.

Thomasin, The Witch

 Rating: Harmless and innocent of the crimes accused of her.

The Witch builds tension and dread the entire film, but what about its main character and alleged witch Thomasin? Is she as scary or powerful as the A24 flick?

The short answer is no. Much of the alleged tragedies that befall her family are never a direct “attack” from Thomasin. All the misfortunes that happen to her family are only ever blamed on her, which leads to their demise, and Thomasin signing her soul away in the Devil’s book. The most shocking thing we see from the young girl is her ascending high into the air with the rest of the witches.

It’s safe to say Thomasin is the lowest ranked witch for her total lack of knowledge and experience. It seems like the newfound little witch simply wanted to live in peace and perhaps a little “deliciously” (as the Devil in the movie describes).

Melisandre, Game of Thrones

Rating: Well-practiced in various magic but acts as more of a sleeper agent.

Those who come across The Red Woman fear her, but for as much as she’s feared, she doesn’t often put her magical abilities to use in the HBO series. Many of her prophecies — her main power — are inaccurate, too.

But Melisandre can do more than make predictions. She can manipulate shadows, summon fire, use glamour magic to change appearances, and lengthen lifespans — her own, at least. We know she’s used her powers to stay alive for over 300 years!

Melisandre has the knowledge and a plethora of abilities at her disposal, but she rarely uses them directly. Mostly, she uses her gifts to aid powerful men, the ones she believes are “The Prince That Was Promised.” And truthfully, these faux princes are more invested in direct combat and seeing real results than The Red Woman. I mean, she had three centuries to make progress and has what to show for it?

Minerva McGonagall, Harry Potter series

Ranking: Exceptionally knowledgeable witch and skilled dueler.

Ask any Potterhead who is the most powerful witch in the series and you’ll likely get three answers: Hermione Granger, Bellatrix Lestrange, and Professor Minerva McGonagall. These three witches are brilliant and skilled in combat, but the first two don’t hold up to McGonagall. As wicked and formidable as Bellatrix was, she died with just one curse from Molly Weasley — McGonagall survived four stunning spells to the chest in the heat of battle.

Minerva McGonagall is truly an exceptional witch. She’s a master at transfiguration, a notoriously difficult subject which allows someone to transform into an animal at will. At 17 years old, McGonagall concocted an Animagus potion — a potion so difficult to brew only a few have succeeding in doing so. And while Hermione is also intelligent and book smart, she is no match in battle for McGonagall either. The latter received training from Dumbledore himself. She’s easily defeated a Death Eater, and McGonagall fought an equal match with Snape (one the strongest wizards at the time). The Head of Gryffindor House even dueled against Lord Voldemort.

Scarlet Witch, Marvel

Rating: Unmatched in powers but mentally and magically unstable.

It’s no secret Scarlet Witch is the strongest witch in Marvel comics. But Wanda Maximoff’s powers are extraordinary outside comics, too. She may be the strongest witch in all of pop culture.

The class five mutant’s known powers include wielding Chaos Magic, reality-warping, telekinesis, psychic defenses, and even resurrection. Her ability to wield Chaos Magic has been used for both good and bad. She’s manipulated reality to cure Charles Xavier’s spine, allowing him to walk again, created armies out of thin air, and, with shards of Mephisto’s soul, created two sons.

But out of all her extraordinary feats, nothing comes close to when Wanda uttered three words: No more mutants. With this short phrase, Wanda altered reality and eliminated 90 percent of mutants. Their powers were erased and many did not survive her reality change.

With so much magical strength, you may be wondering why the Scarlet Witch isn’t sitting at our number one spot. Well, the truth is Wanda might be strong, but she isn’t stable. Many times she is not in control of her magic or her mind. Wanda also isn’t as knowledgeable as many other magic users (although the end of WandaVision does show how far she’s thrown herself into discovering the dark secrets of the Darkhold). For this reason, Wanda takes second place.

Bonnie Bennett, Vampire Diaries

Rating: All-around powerful witch descended from an unmatched line of witches with the knowledge and skills to destroy any enemy.

The Vampire Diaries saw Bonnie Bennett grow powerful exponentially quicker than the rest of her friends and foes. The teenager with no knowledge of her witch ancestry graduated from inflicting minor headaches to inducing an aneurysm in a 500-year-old vampire.

Eventually, Bonnie learned she came from an abnormally powerful line of witches, all descending from Qetsiyah, the creator of the Other Side itself (a purgatory dimension for supernatural beings). Bonnie’s ancestor Qetsiyah also created the Immortality Spell, which created vampires, and the cure for vampirism. Bonnie has power in her blood. It’s no surprise she’s so mighty.

Throughout the series, we see her perform location and hypnosis spells, demonstrate psychic abilities, and even fend off Hellfire — the very fire used to torment souls in the underworld and that required 100 witches before Bonnie to stop its spread. Ultimately, the witch destroyed Hell entirely by redirecting its flames, an astonishing feat.

But destroying Hell is just one amazing thing the witch has done. She’s also been the Anchor of the Other Side, acting as a literal gatekeeper of death, and she even went so far to create a dimension of her own to imprison an enemy.

She’s able to do all this by tapping into different kinds of magic like dark magic, spirit magic, and Expression, which shows how knowledgeable she really is. For these reasons, Bonnie has to sit at the highest ranking as the most powerful witch in modern pop culture.

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