Princess Leia Then & Now- Let Your Geek Sideshow Podcast

What happens when pop culture enthusiasts from different generations swap tales of their favorite modern and classic stories? Let Your Geek Sideshow presents… Then & Now– a pop culture podcast!

The newest episode of Then & Now focuses on the iconic Princess Leia, as she journeys across two trilogies and a solo series of Star Wars comics to become the face of rebellion across the galaxy.  Whether she’s a princess or a general, Leia represents hope to generations of Star Wars fans who have taken her strength, grace, and determination to heart.

And of course, we couldn’t talk about the self-rescuing princess without including the unforgettable Carrie Fisher, and the irreplaceable spark she brought to the role.

To us, she’s royalty.

If you’re looking to follow Princess Leia‘s journey to bring hope to the galaxy, be sure to check out the films and comics discussed in this episode:

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