Ruby Rose Leaves Batwoman, Star Trek: Picard’s Long Term Plan, and more!

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Ruby Rose Leaves Batwoman

Ruby Rose has officially decided to exit the Batwoman series. The CW has already renewed Batwoman for a second season, so they’ve committed to continuing the story. They responded to Ruby Rose’s exit saying that would cast a new actor that continues to represent the themes and goals of the story.

Star Trek: Picard’s Long Term Plan

In an interview Collider, producer Akiva Goldsman talked about Star Trek: Picard. He explained that CBS will continue to come up with new seasons and stories “as long as Patrick Stewart wants to do it.” And “until he feels he’s done”, Star Trek: Picard will continue to collaborate with him on stories and plot lines.

Muppets Now Release Date and Photos

Disney+ officially announced a release date for Muppets Now. The show will follow Scooter as he struggles to meet his delivery deadlines for a new Muppet series for streaming, while all the shenanigans of the Muppet gang distract and complicate his goals. Muppets Now will premiere on Disney+ on July 31st.

New Photos from The Stand

CBS shared the first photos from their adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand. The Stand is will follow the survivors of a terrible plague that wiped out 99% of humanity, as Mother Abigail and Randall Flagg vie for power in a morally ambiguous world. The Stand will air later this year on CBS.

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