Horror Movie Moms Who Are Totally Killing It

Bad dream? Something go bump in the night? Nobody scares, er … cares, quite like mom. There are some faces only a mother can love, and then there are some faces a mother just wants to cut up.

From black and white thrillers to supernatural stop-motion, get to know some of the most chilling mothers in horror films.

Norma Bates from Psycho

From the first moment we saw her decrepit silhouette, there was something off about Norman Bates’ mother. Her sharp-tongued insults could even be heard all the way down the hill at the motel. And with a son like Norman, all signs pointed to “yikes.” That’s why the reveal of her emaciated corpse was such a shock — she seemed so real! However, Norma continued to live on even in death … through Norman.

Pamela Voorhees from Friday the 13th

They say a mother protecting her children is capable of superhuman strength, but what about cold-blooded murder? One of cinema’s most enduring slashers, Jason from Friday the 13th, actually got his start thanks to his mom’s ruthless plan for revenge. Talk about a family business. First one in the lake is a rotten egg!

Alien Queen from Alien

Speaking of eggs — slay, queen, slay! The Alien Queen is everything you’d want from a mother: extremely protective, a little bit murderous … oh wait, that sounds bad. She’s super dedicated to her brood and will do whatever it takes to ensure their safety throughout the Alien franchise. Make way for the extraterrestrial mother of the year!

Margaret White from Carrie

Mother knows best, and don’t you forget it. Poor Carrie White just needs some guidance and who better than a loving mother to step right in? Margaret White is a pious woman. She sticks to what she knows is right and is a firm believer in a good ol’ fashioned time out. By the end of Carrie, she really gets her point across.

Tiffany Valentine from Chucky

Love of family can make even confirmed serial killers capable of turning over a new leaf. Well, let’s not go too far, but Tiffany Valentine, the wife of Chucky and his frequent partner in crime, certainly cares for her genderfluid child Glen. The family that slays together stays together.

Beverly Sutphin from Serial Mom

The monotony of suburbia is enough to drive anyone a little mad. Make breakfast, clean house, fix dinner, wash, rinse, and repeat? No thanks! One day, Beverly Sutphin just can’t stand it anymore — and she takes the whole neighborhood down with her. John Waters’ campy horror-comedy has plenty of gore and humor to keep the whole family laughing their heads off … literally?

Mrs. Loomis from Scream 2

The scary movie mayhem all started with Sydney Prescott’s mom, but in Scream 2, Mrs. Loomis took motherhood to a whole new level. She’ll do anything to avenge her son, even if that means getting a little knife happy. Other killers in the Scream franchise might rely on a partner to do a bang-up job, but Mrs. Loomis doesn’t need anybody’s help. Any questions? Any comments? No? Good.

Other Mother from Coraline

Most everyone, at some point, wishes their family was just a little different. For Coraline, that wish becomes a reality — at a terrible cost. In the Other World, Coraline’s mother figure is a horrifying, shape-shifting arachnoid who lures her in with kindness. Soon, she reveals her real goal: to snatch out Coraline’s eyeballs and steal her soul! Suddenly, Coraline’s inattentive mother is a real sight for sore eyes.

Missy Armitage from Get Out

You’re going to wish somebody had spilled the tea when Get Out is over. Missy Armitage is a manipulative hypnotherapist whose motives slowly reveal themselves as she terrorizes her white daughter’s Black boyfriend. Jordan Peele’s directorial debut is a powerful study of slow suspense building to a heart-pounding climax.

Adelaide Wilson from Us

Within everyone, there’s a shadow of something darker. What happens when that shadow self is no longer satisfied being second in command? Adelaide Wilson must protect her family from their own shadows before it’s too late. But there’s always a secret or two lurking in the darkness.

You better clean that room … or else.

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