Breaking Down Everything in the Official She-Hulk Trailer

The trailer for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is officially on the docket, and the upcoming Disney+ series from Marvel looks like it will be packed with mean, green action. This will be the first live-action appearance of Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk, in the MCU. The nine-episode series will premiere on August 17, 2022.

As the trailer opens, Bruce Banner says, “Being a super hero is a trial by fire. Who’s gonna protect the world, if not people like you?” Like her cousin, the Hulk, She-Hulk’s journey to becoming a super hero won’t be a smooth ride. Let’s take a look at everything the trailer below shows as well as what the series might entail.

Spoiler warning (in last section) for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Who Is She-Hulk?

So, She-Hulk is just the female version of Hulk, right? Wrong! Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk, was actually the last major comic book character to be created by Stan Lee. She is Bruce Banner’s cousin, and in the comics she gains her powers from him through a blood transfusion — but there’s more to She-Hulk than just her relation to the Hulk.

Jennifer Walters is a lawyer who lives in Los Angeles, and in the trailer we see her moving into a new superhuman law division at the firm. One of She-Hulk’s most famous qualities, however, is her ability to break down the fourth wall, talking to the audience in humorous asides and often teasing the book’s writer and editor. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has been described as a procedural comedy, so it would definitely fit the tone of the show for Jen to break more than one type of wall. Plus, in a post-Endgame world, the possibilities for super hero-related liabilities are endless.

She-Hulk Becoming a Hero

At one point in the trailer, Jen says, “I just want to be a normal, anonymous lawyer.” Though a car crash and her subsequent transformation into She-Hulk are briefly shown, it sounds like Jen will struggle with her new role in the realm of super heroes. Based on scenes of her in the office as well as dating and hanging with friends, Jen will have to strike a balance between lawyer and hero.

A friend even tells her she could be an Avenger now, with her new powers. Quickly, Jen replies, “Oh, I’m not a super hero. That is for billionaires and narcissists … and adult orphans, for some reason.” Just like Hulk, She-Hulk’s green form grants her superhuman strength, endurance, and stamina. Unlike her cousin, however, She-Hulk is able to retain her personality and intelligence as Jennifer Walters. But the question remains, what will Jennifer decide to do with her new She-Hulk persona?

She-Hulk Enemies

The trailer shows us a quick shot of the Cube, a high-security facility for dangerous criminals — and some of the people Jennifer represents in court. Near the end of the trailer, various She-Hulk enemies appear. We get our first look at Frog-Man, a small-time vigilante in Marvel comics. Perhaps he will be a case for Jennifer Walters in her new role as a lawyer in the superhuman division.

There’s also a brief shot of a crow bar-equipped gang, which could possibly be the Wrecking Crew. Another exciting villainous appearance is Abomination, a man named Emil Blonsky who was transformed by radiation into, well, an abomination. He is a frequent adversary of Hulk and was last seen cage fighting against Wong in Shang-Chi.

The most noteworthy villain reveal is definitely Titania, an archenemy of She-Hulk. Titania first appeared in the Secret Wars storyline, gaining her superhuman powers from Doctor Doom. In the trailer, She-Hulk fights against Titania in a courtroom showdown that shakes the walls and terrifies onlookers.

She-Hulk Friends and Teams

In addition to her close human friends shown in the trailer, She-Hulk is associated with many other heroes and teams besides her cousin Bruce. Actually, based on the multiversal events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, some of these associations could have huge impacts on the MCU’s future.

Of course, the Avengers are mentioned in the trailer, but She-Hulk has also worked alongside the Heroes for Hire and the Defenders, most notably Daredevil and Luke Cage. She has also been associated with S.H.I.E.L.D. and for a time she replaced Thing as the fourth member of the Fantastic Four. With Reed Richards’ recent Multiverse of Madness cameo, and the introduction of more radiation-based heroes, who knows what’s possible.

You’ll like her when she’s angry. Marvel’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law premieres on Disney+ on August 17, 2022.

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