Star Wars™ Character History: Who is Ahsoka Tano™?

After appearing recently in live-action in The Mandalorian™ Season 2 as well as the highly anticipated seventh season of the Clone Wars animated series, Ahsoka Tano™ has all but cemented her place among the all-time Star Wars™ greats.

A fan favorite character through and through with one of the most intricate journeys through countless parts of the beloved saga, Ahsoka’s adventures and challenges take viewers through the rise and fall of the Jedi Order, the Galactic Empire, and now what lies beyond. Let’s consult the Holocron and get a refresher on everyone’s favorite Togruta padawan-turned-nomad.

Early Training

As with many in the Star Wars universe, Ahsoka’s life began with turmoil and danger. Born on the Togruta home planet, she was discovered by Jedi Master Plo Koon at age three. But before that, she very nearly became the victim of Jedi impostors, who wished to use her powers for their own ends. After escaping this danger, she was taken to Coruscant and trained at the Jedi temple.

Over a decade later, a teenaged Ahsoka was ready to progress from Youngling to Padawan Learner. Her master was Anakin Skywalker, a Jedi known to be a bit childish and immature himself. Still, he was powerful, and his innovative and unconventional methods made him the perfect teacher for the young Tano. The pairing was Master Yoda’s idea – in some ways, it was meant more to teach Anakin than Ahsoka.

At first, Skywalker didn’t want to train a Padawan. After all, he was busy with the Clone War, which had only started a few months before. Their first mission together was a battle on Christophsis, where Ahsoka proved her worth in combat and even stood up to her master. She also met Captain Rex, a clone she would see as a friend for decades to come.

Tano and Skywalker were then asked to rescue the son of Jabba the Hutt, a ruthless gang lord that was nonetheless a potential ally of the Republic. With a detachment of clones, the heroes arrived on the planet Teth and rescued the baby Hutt, Rotta, from the Separatists. But the two were framed for his kidnapping, and they were soon pursued by Asajj Ventress, Count Dooku’s apprentice.

On their way back, the child became ill, and the Jedi saved his life yet again by locating medicine. Eventually, they made it back to Jabba, who now knew that the Separatists were the true villains.

The Clone Wars

During the Clone War, Ahsoka went up against not only legions of droids, but several dangerous leaders of the Separatist Alliance, as well as ruthless bounty hunters. She proved her worth against Ventress, Aurra Sing, General Grievous, Cad Bane, Weequay pirates, and others.

Over the course of several years, Ahsoka and Anakin grew as close as siblings. Their playful yet snarky attitude remained throughout. She called him “Sky-Guy”; he called her “Snips”, and each rescued the other and countless times. They also forged powerful friendships with their comrades, seeing the clones as people and not just disposable soldiers.

But the war was hard, and Ahsoka learned some painful lessons. Once, when she was a fledgling commander in the Battle of Ryloth, she disobeyed an order to retreat, and this cost her the lives of almost every clone in her group.

Being on the front lines, Tano had many other adventures, and she found herself in trouble more times than can be mentioned. She was kidnapped by Cad Bane and hunted by Trandoshans. She freed prisoners and liberated villages, and she saved the lives of friends and superiors.

She even died on the planet Mortis before being quickly resurrected by a personification of the Light Side of the Force (the Daughter). But soon, agents of the Dark Side would change her universe forever.

Expulsion from the Jedi Order

Near the war’s end, the Jedi Temple was bombed. Many innocent people lost their lives, and the Jedi were obviously highly motivated to find the perpetrator. Skywalker and Tano investigated, eventually learning that a woman named Letta Turmond was behind the carnage. This woman was then killed in custody – and Ahsoka was framed for it.

The young Jedi was quickly arrested. After escaping, she was framed for even more murders. She then hid in the seedy underbelly of Coruscant, called the Underworld.

Ahsoka ran from troopers, searched for evidence, and even briefly teamed up with an enemy, Asajj Ventress. But in the end, she was captured and expelled from the Jedi Order before being put on trial. Thankfully, and just in the nick of time before a death sentence, Skywalker had learned the truth. He revealed that another Jedi (and Ahsoka’s friend), Barris Offee, had framed Ahsoka for her crimes.

The Jedi offered to take Ahsoka back, but the damage was done. She no longer wanted anything to do with them. After a bitter parting between her and Skywalker, she set off for a new life.

A New Life

Ahsoka later met Trace and Rafa Martez, two struggling sisters on Coruscant desperate for a better life. Ahsoka initially didn’t tell them she was a Jedi, as the sisters blamed the Order for the Clone War and for the loss of their parents.

The three faced danger several times during their space travels. Rafa was actually smuggling spice, which got them into serious trouble with the Pike Syndicate.

The Siege of Mandalore

Ahsoka later teamed up with a group of Mandalorians to kill Darth Maul. They needed help, and this led to a bittersweet reunion with her former master.

As Anakin went off on another mission, Ahsoka went with a team to retake Mandalore from Maul’s forces. As the planet was besieged by combat, Ahsoka encountered Maul himself. He escaped after a brief struggle, but Ahsoka met him again in the throne room as the siege continued on outside.

Maul was more interested in conversation than combat. He had learned of Ahsoka’s ouster from the Jedi Order, and he said that he could relate – he, too, had been abused by a greater power, Darth Sidious. Maul also told Ahsoka that Sidious was nearing the completion of his master plan, and that the Republic and the Jedi would soon be toppled.

Maul suggested that he and Tano join forces to combat Sidious. Ahsoka seemed to consider accepting his proposal – but then, Maul revealed that Anakin had been groomed to become Sidious’s apprentice. Not believing him, Ahsoka chose to attack. After an epic duel, and with the help of some clones, Ahsoka finally captured Maul.

The Fall of the Jedi

On the way to the Jedi Council on Coruscant, Palpatine – Lord Sidious – finally activated the clones’ true purpose – Order 66. Across the galaxy, and on Ahsoka’s ship, the clones turned on their Jedi comrades. Nearly all the Jedi were wiped out.

Ahsoka was forced to fight her clone regimen, including her close friend, Rex. He initially resisted Order 66, pleading with Ahsoka to search out information on another clone, Fives. After Ahsoka escaped, she freed Maul as a distraction for the clones. She also accessed the ship’s computer. The data revealed to Ahsoka the existence of chips in the clones’ heads, and she proceeded to remove it from Rex.

Ahsoka and Rex had a running firefight against the other clones as they rushed to escape the ship. However, Maul had escaped, and he had compromised the craft so it would crash. Ahsoka and Rex secured a Y-Wing, and they watched as the cruiser collided with a moon.

On the surface, Ahsoka mourned the loss of the clones. She and Rex said their final goodbyes and buried them – along with their old lives. Now was the time of the Empire. Ahsoka relinquished her lightsabers and moved on.

The Rebel Alliance

After laying low for years, Ahsoka reemerged as a very useful agent for the Rebel Alliance. Eventually working under the codename, “Fulcrum”, she provided intel for the Rebels and fought the Empire in any way she could. She also worked with Senator Bail Organa.

Though she had constructed new lightsabers, she no longer considered herself a Jedi. Her lightsabers were even white colored, representing her view that she was neither Sith nor Jedi. But for all intents and purposes, she still was a Jedi – at least regarding her personality and actions.

Ahsoka was eventually asked to help the crew of a Rebel ship called the Ghost escape the orbit of Mustafar. She struck up a friendship with the crew, especially with a young Jedi named Ezra Bridger and his teacher, Kanan Jarrus. She went on several missions with the Ghost crew, fighting against Jedi exterminators called Inquisitors. She also reconnected with her friend from the Clone Wars, Rex.

The crew of the Ghost knew of a powerful Sith Lord known as Darth Vader, but Ahsoka initially didn’t know that the man behind the mask was her former master, Anakin. When her suspicions grew, she didn’t want to believe it.

Ahsoka and the crew formed a brief and uneasy alliance with Maul on the planet Malachor. They sought a Sith temple together for valuable information and power, but Maul, of course, betrayed them.

They managed to survive their ordeal with Maul, who had been thrown from the temple by Jarrus. But shortly afterward, Ahsoka encountered Vader himself. She had long wanted to see her friend again, but she soon found that the Anakin she knew and loved had been completely swallowed up by the hate of his Sith identity.

Ahsoka didn’t fully believe that Vader was Anakin until she cut part of his mask off and heard his true voice. They continued fighting as Bridger and Jarrus escaped the temple.

Ahsoka was thought to have died, but had actually been pulled into another dimension by a future version of Ezra Bridger, who had traveled through time to rescue her.

The Search

Ahsoka spent years searching for Bridger, who had disappeared with the evil Grand Admiral Thrawn. She eventually found herself on Corvus, seeking out Thrawn’s location from a sadistic woman named Morgan Elsbeth. This woman, a magistrate, was the ruler of a brutal city, and she sent legions of her soldiers to exterminate Tano in the forest. It didn’t work, and Ahsoka vowed to come back later and get the information she needed. She also wished to free the villagers from Elsbeth’s sadistic rule.

A Mandalorian warrior named Din Djarin arrived on the planet. He was looking for a Jedi to train and safeguard his adopted son, a 50-year old child named Grogu. Elsbeth told Djarin that the Jedi was indeed on the planet, and she wanted Djarin to kill her. For payment, Djarin would receive a spear of pure beskar.

Djarin went along with the plot, entering the forest and searching for Tano. However, he didn’t plan on actually killing her – Grogu needed to be with another Force wielder.

During a brief fight, Djarin revealed his true intentions to Ahsoka. She spent the night communing with Grogu, learning that he was a youngling who had survived the Jedi Purge. To Djarin’s chagrin, Ahsoka said that she couldn’t train Grogu due to the fear and attachment within his heart. But Djarin offered an incentive – he would help Ahsoka defeat Elsbeth and her soldiers. In return, Tano would do what she could with Grogu.

Their plan went smoothly. Ahsoka fought Elsbeth at her residence as Djarin clashed with the soldiers outside. Ahsoka defeated Elsbeth, presumably learning Thrawn’s location.

Though Djarin helped her reach this goal, Ahsoka was still adamant about not training Grogu. Instead, she gave Djarin the name of a planet called Tython where Grogu could reach out with the Force and connect with another Jedi.

Ahsoka set off once more to find Thrawn, and hopefully, Bridger.

With her own self-titled series on the way to continue her travels across the galaxy, Ahsoka could not be more popular right now.

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