Stay InsideShow Pop Culture Picks – Day 15

Due to social distancing, many of us have found ourselves with more time inside than usual. Many of our schedules have changed, giving us the opportunity to try new things. As fans of pop culture ourselves, Sideshow’s Staff is happy to share a few suggestions to help you fill your newfound time with high quality content.

To help encourage everyone to Stay InsideShow, every day this week we will be recommending one film/series, one comic/book, one board game, and one video game that you can enjoy while you practice safe social distancing. These picks are the best of the best, curated and personally suggested by our very geeky staff.


Recommended by Alex

Dark – Netflix

A complex, German language, science fiction mystery series. It is INTENSE to say the least. It follows multiple families in a small German town and their generationally intertwined lives. It might not be a selling point for everyone but at one point my girlfriend and I were setting and drawing diagrams trying to untangle the web.


Recommended by Gracie

The Rewind Files by Claire Willett.

It’s a thrilling page turner, following a junior agent from the U.S. Time Travel Bureau of 2112 having to embark on her first ‘field mission’ – solving a major anomaly structured around the events of the 1972 Watergate scandal. Again, wonderful character development, and a super fun ride!

Board Game

Recommended by Robin

I recently got my copy of GROWL. I plan to bust into it with the family this weekend.

GROWL is like Werewolf (aka Mafia), but as a quick 10-15 minute card game for 4-10 players of all ages. The cards in your hand reveal whether you are a human or a werewolf. Humans turn into werewolves if they get bitten 3 times!

After being trapped with my family I am ready to bite them all and turn them into werewolves.

Video Game

Recommended by Sam

Red Dead Redemption II

For the old west nut that lives in all of us. Massive world with many detailed parts and actions. Clean your gun, shave your face, care for your horse, and immerse yourself in a fictional old west story deep with intrigue and memorable characters.

Rated M, so adults only.

Check out some of our recommendations, and as always don’t forget to Stay InsideShow!