Stay InsideShow Pop Culture Picks – Day 17

Due to social distancing, many of us have found ourselves with more time inside than usual. Many of our schedules have changed, giving us the opportunity to try new things. As fans of pop culture ourselves, Sideshow’s Staff is happy to share a few suggestions to help you fill your newfound time with high quality content.

To help encourage everyone to Stay InsideShow, every day this week we will be recommending one film/series, one comic/book, one board game, and one video game that you can enjoy while you practice safe social distancing. These picks are the best of the best, curated and personally suggested by our very geeky staff.


Recommended by Amy

GLOW (Netflix)

Who doesn’t love hairspray, dramatic makeup, and 80s spandex? GLOW tells a fictionalized story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling as they struggle to produce a show worth watching. Amazing cast, lots of laughs, and a killer soundtrack of 80s hits. 3 seasons available now, I can’t get enough!


Recommended by Andy

Gun Machine by Warren Ellis

A grim, gritty, and decidedly weird detective thriller which would make an amazing mini-series. I love this book, and I daydream about the TV show it should be.

Mobile “Board” Games

Recommended by Kassidy


This isn’t a board game, but it’s actually an app that you can download on your phone or tablet – iOS or Android friendly. You live stream with your friends, but also play games at the same time. There’s an option for Trivia, A Quick Draw challenge, and a game called “Chips and Guac” that closely resembles Cards Against Humanity (but is more age-appropriate). Really it’s just a nice way to get together with your lads while also continuing to practice social distancing!

Video Game

Recommended by Paul

State of Decay 2

An open world Zombie-Survival game. It’s a good mix of survival and world building! The game is rated M so be wary… lots of gross/cool zombie kills.

Check out some of our recommendations, and as always don’t forget to Stay InsideShow!