Stay InsideShow Pop Culture Picks – Day 5

Due to social distancing, many of us have found ourselves with more time inside than usual. Many of our schedules have changed, giving us the opportunity to try new things. As fans of pop culture ourselves, Sideshow’s Staff is happy to share a few suggestions to help you fill your newfound time with high quality content.

To help encourage everyone to Stay Insideshow, every day this week we will be recommending one film/series, one comic/book, one board game, and one video game that you can enjoy while you practice safe social distancing. These picks are the best of the best, curated and personally suggested by our very geeky staff.


Recommended by Paul

Atypical follows Sam, a teenager on the autism spectrum, who decides he is ready for romance. In order to start dating (and hopefully find love) Sam will need to be more independent, sending his mother (Jennifer Jason Leigh) on her own life-changing path. She and the rest of Sam’s family, including a scrappy sister and a father seeking a better understanding of his son, must adjust to change and explore what it means to be “normal.”


Recommended by Amy

Under the Skin by Michel Faber

There was a movie adaptation of this novel, but it’s very dissimilar– read the book first. This strange sci-fi story follows an extraterrestrial canine woman named Isserley who is given cosmetic surgery and sent to Earth in order to capture humans so that her colleagues can turn them into food for their dying planet. She then gets a visit from the son of the CEO of her company, who believes that these “animals” (the humans) don’t deserve the cruelty that comes with being farmed. It’s a darkly satirical exploration of factory farming, environmental damage, and class hierarchy that will creep you out until the very last page.

Board Game

Recommended by Kelly

Betrayal at the House on the Hill:

A fun, spooky adventure strategy game that is a completely different experience every time you play.  This game is currently my favorite board game to play with a group of 3-6 friends. You spend the first phase of the game as characters exploring a haunted house, until a certain point when the second phase or “haunt” begins. During this phase, the roles of the characters switch and one person becomes a “traitor”, and the scenario depends on the rooms explored and cards that have been drawn to this point.

There are a variety of different haunt scenarios – the house itself could transform into a monster, a giant spider could be discovered in the basement, or one of the players could be revealed to be a serial killer, and many more. It is a wild, crazy, experience every time and my friends and I always have a blast!

Video Game

Recommended by Kassidy

Kingdom Hearts III

To any Kingdom Hearts, FF, or Disney fans out there–we recommend Kingdom Hearts III! Now is a perfect time to catch up on what happened in the newest game. In addition to the game, the “Re Mind” DLC holds a lot of incredible and game-changing content! If you’re up for a really daring challenge, try playing through critical mode to reach the special endings.

Check out some of our recommendations, and as always don’t forget to Let Your Geek Sideshow!