Stay InsideShow Pop Culture Picks – Day 6

Due to social distancing, many of us have found ourselves with more time inside than usual. Many of our schedules have changed, giving us the opportunity to try new things. As fans of pop culture ourselves, Sideshow’s Staff is happy to share a few suggestions to help you fill your newfound time with high quality content.

To help encourage everyone to Stay Insideshow, every day this week we will be recommending one film/series, one comic/book, one board game, and one video game that you can enjoy while you practice safe social distancing. These picks are the best of the best, curated and personally suggested by our very geeky staff.


Recommended by Andrew

The Dragon Prince

The Dragon Prince follows the elven assassin Rayla, and the human brothers Callum and Prince Ezran on a journey to deliver a dragon egg to the magical land of Xadia. All the while, the Dark Mage Viren prepares to take over the land that belongs to young Prince Ezran using sinister magics and manipulation unnatural to this world.

This show is made by the same creators as Avatar the Last Airbender, and certainly brings back the same charm with all new Kingdoms, all new magic, and all new stories. Join them on their adventure, and I promise you won’t regret it. The show is suitable for all ages, but it is absolutely heavy.


Recommended by Kassidy

The Witcher Series

I’m reading through the Witcher books right now, and I would recommend them! This is a great time to jump into the series due to its recent pop culture relevance. There are about 5 books to read through, 8 depending on how you look at it. They are super quick reads, and both the characters and the world-building are incredibly fascinating!

Plus, the Netflix Original and the video games add some fun, extra activity for readers to enjoy! There are also a handful of graphic novels in the story too!

Board Game

Recommended by Alex


Can be played with 1 to 5 players.  This is a pretty quick moving game in which you have to accomplish various tasks to defeat a well-known Universal Monster (or reverse something that has happened to a monster), so they don’t defeat you. The tasks may seem simple enough but strategy is key to accomplish goals in order to win!

Video Game

Recommended by Robert

Untitled Goose Game

Everyone knows geese are dangerous and aggressive. Turns out they’re mischievous as well. Wander the village and play all sorts of cruel games on the inhabitants.

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