Stay InsideShow Pop Culture Picks – Day 9

Due to social distancing, many of us have found ourselves with more time inside than usual. Many of our schedules have changed, giving us the opportunity to try new things. As fans of pop culture ourselves, Sideshow’s Staff is happy to share a few suggestions to help you fill your newfound time with high quality content.

To help encourage everyone to Stay Insideshow, every day this week we will be recommending one film/series, one comic/book, one board game, and one video game that you can enjoy while you practice safe social distancing. These picks are the best of the best, curated and personally suggested by our very geeky staff.


Recommended by Joe

LEGO Masters (FOX)
It is simply mind boggling to see what these brick artists create week after week. Even though it’s a reality game show with inevitable drama, the focus is squarely on the artists and the bonds they have, not just with their team mates but with other contestants and even the show hosts.

Also, stunning LEGO works of art are on parade week after week and when the show ends you’ll be looking for that bin of bricks in your house to make your own masterpiece.


Recommended by Bri

The Vorrh by B. Catling
The Vorrh is a vast forest filled with creatures of the night and mysteries needing to be solved. Time is malleable and those that enter the Vorrh are subject to its will. Good luck.

Board Game

Recommended by Amy

King of Tokyo (2-6 players, 30-45 minutes)

This fast-paced dice rolling game pits giant kaijus against one another for control of Tokyo and the surrounding bay! Players pick their champion monster- I personally like Meka Dragon and Cyber Bunny- and slug it out for victory by achieving goal points or being the last kaiju standing. Vibrant illustrations and hilarious monster movie fun make for a quick and entertaining game that will inspire countless rematches- er, sequels.

Video Game

Recommended by Andrew

Batman: Arkham City

There is no game that makes you feel like Batman quite like Batman: Arkham City, especially in the late game. The storyline is absolutely incredible, and while it is a series, you don’t need to play the other games to glide in and enjoy it.

This game is intense, and there’s extra details for superfans in every nook and cranny. Did you find all the Riddler Trophies? I did! And I also didn’t sleep for like two nights, but HEY it’s my favorite game, what can I say?

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