Storm Troopers Fly, New Doctor Who Trailer, and more!

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Storm Troopers Fly

Star Wars released a Film Clip from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The clip shows our hero fugitives up against Stormtroopers as the team finds out that, yes, “they fly now.” Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will fly into theaters on December 20th.

New Doctor Who Trailer

The BBC released a trailer for Series 12 of Doctor Who. The trailer gives us a look into all the upcoming dangers, including Cybermen, The Judoon, and maybe even a Racnoss. Doctor Who Series 12 is set to premiere in early 2020.

The Walking Dead New Series Name Revealed

Rotten Tomatoes shared the name of the new Walking Dead series. The series will be called The Walking Dead: World Beyond, and will follow a group of teens as they explore a world taken by walkers. The Walking Dead: World Beyond will premiere in Spring 2020 on AMC.

Channing Tatum to Co-Produce The Maxx

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Channing Tatum plans to co-produce an adaptation of Sam Keith’s The Maxx with Vertigo Entertainment. The Maxx follows a hero known as The Maxx who straddles an existence between the real world, where he appears to be a homeless man, and a world called the Outback, where he is a powerful masked protector of The Jungle Queen. We do not know whether it will be a series or a film, but for now, there is no further news about Channing Tatum’s The Maxx.

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