Strange Planet Animated Series Adaptation

Since early 2019, comic book creator Nathan W. Pyle has been working on a unique series called Strange Planet. The comics have followed genderless aliens confronted with the strange aspects of modern human life. It’s characterized by its heartwarming and wholesome themes, along with its humorous reframing of everyday events, like petting a dog or binge watching a TV show.

Soon enough, fans of the comic will be able to have their own humorous binge watch of the animated adaptation of Strange Planet. “The series will tell profound and heartfelt stories about beings on a distant planet not unlike our own.”


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The announcement was shared by the Hollywood Reporter, and not long after that, Dan Harmon shared his response to the public announcement.

He said, “Strange Planet’s coming to Apple as an animated show and I’m in the headlines next to its creator so I’m compelled to assure strange planet fans that don’t know me very well that I come in peace. My name is overbearingly present because that’s how the business and its press releasing works. My job on this project has been to assist Nathan in carrying his universe over to a medium that will be, in my safest estimation, forever changed by it. Forever changed because of Nathan’s mind, not mine. To talk to Nathan Pyle is to be humbled and eager to serve his vision, which is why we’re lucky he’s an artist instead of a cult leader. It would be a VERY successful cult and we’d be denied a subversively wholesome cartoon. Now…Am I wholesome? Ehhhhh. Don’t google me. I’m an honest guy that wants people to be happy but I ain’t no Nathan. But sometimes a knight needs a scruffy nerf herder to smuggle him across creative borders. We wrote the pilot together during the pandemic and it was intensely challenging and joyful and my self imposed creative rule was always “You Are Here to Help Nathan.” That rule will never change and boy oh boy does he make following it easy. Which is why it’s going to be a great show and why I’m honored to be a part of it. Gratitude, Nathan and Taylor.”

Amalia Levari will serve as showrunner. Dan Harmon (Rick and Morty, Community) and Nathan Pyle will be credited as co-creators and executive producers.

Strange Planet’s 10 episodes will eventually premiere on Apple TV+.

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