The First Look at Shazam’s Movie Costume, the Y: The Last Man Cast Announced, and More!

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Entertainment Weekly has exclusively revealed the first look at actor Zachary Levi in DC’s upcoming Shazam! film. The still shows the orphaned Billy Batson in his heroic alter ego as he goes out for sodas with a friend. Shazam’s iconic red, white, and yellow costume is fairly comics-accurate, capturing the Golden Age charm of this classic hero. Shazam! opens in theaters on April 5th, 2019.

According to Deadline, MGM is currently developing a new installment of Robocop, which is being helmed by Neill Blomkamp. The studio hopes to revive the sci-fi franchise, with Justin Rhodes revising an unused script that was written previously as a sequel to the original 80’s hit. Ed Neumeier and Michael Miner are producing and executive producing, respectively.

Netflix has released the first trailer for Extinction, its upcoming original sci-fi thriller. The film stars Michael Peña as a man whose prescient nightmares of losing his family become a reality when an alien threat comes to Earth. Extinction also features Mike Colter and Lizzy Caplan in the starring cast, and the film begins streaming on Netflix on July 27th.

See the trailer below!

FX has announced the main cast for its highly anticipated comic book drama Y: The Last Man. Barry Keoghan will play Yorick, the last surviving man on Earth following a mysterious plague. Diane Lane will play Senator Jennifer Brown, Yorick’s mother. Actresses Lashana Lynch and Juliana Canfield will also star in the drama, which has no current release date.

Actress Indya Moore is set to star in and executive produce a new Frankenstein inspired television series called Magic Hour. The series is a part of the 200th year anniversary of Mary Shelley’s sci-fi classic Frankenstein. Magic Hour will be a psychedelic-macabre story that follows a mysterious young woman who roams the streets of Tokyo in search of her missing soul.

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