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On this episode of the Geek Culture Countdown, our mission is to go back in time and discuss the origins and evolutions of a sci-fi franchise as relentless as Skynet itself. Come with us if you want to live- this is The Terminator, Then & Now.

From across time and space, and throughout the multiverse, listen as multiple generations of geeks come together to discuss the iconic characters, events, and franchises that make up the very fabric of pop culture as we know it.

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This week, our mission is to go back in time to discuss the origins of a sci-fi franchise that is as relentless as Skynet itself. Since The Terminator’s debut in 1984, these films have continued to upgrade themselves as newer, sleeker models as technology and theatergoing audiences evolve over the years.

Relentless in its pursuit of the future, these films imagine the mettle of man pitted against the menace of the machine, asking questions about fate and free will. Are we in control of our own destinies? Or is destruction the programmed outcome of our actions in every timeline?

With the addition of Dark Fate, however, it seems that the timeline has once again been rewritten and that there are still unexplored possibilities for the human resistance against machines.

Come with us if you want to live. This is The Terminator Then & Now.

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