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This week, Susan and Kitty decide the Top 10 Deadpool Deaths in Marvel Comics! Listen to the full episode on below.  Be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and Youtube, and leave a 5-star review if you enjoy the content!

10. Blown Apart by X-Force

When Deadpool went back in time to rewrite the timestream in Deadpool vs. X-Force #3, Cable showed up with X-Force to try kill him for the good of the future. Deadpool winds up with a his body torn to shreds by blaster fire- and yet, he’s more annoyed about a broken nose!

9. Torn Apart by Carnage

From Deadpool vs. Carnage #3, Carnage uses razors from his symbiote form to slice Wade apart limb from limb, taking off his head last. Carnage leaves the scene before ensuring Deadpool is finished, and the Merc with a Mouth reforms and lives to see another day.

8. Impaled by Black Panther

In Civil War II, Deadpool went to the Avengers facility and wound up antagonizing a lot of folks. When his fighting tactics weren’t working against T’Challa, Deadpool decided to antagonize him psychologically; he spoiled Game of Thrones, and wound up being hurled through a window and impaled on glass.

7. Turned into a Puddle by Thanos

This death featured in Deadpool vs. Thanos #1, a follow-up from Thanos on the events of Deadpool #64. Thanos once cursed the regenerating degenerate with eternal life and the inability to die, since the Mad Titan saw Deadpool as a threat to his relationship with Mistress Death.

Fast-forward to Thanos removing the curse, and beating the snot out of Deadpool. Thanos beat Wade so hard that he turned into a puddle of gore, flat on the pavement.

6. Killed by Moon Knight Twice

Moon Knight did not take kindly to one of Deadpool’s missions in Vengeance of the Moon Knight #7 and #8. Deadpool was going to kill a man who was already dying as an act of mercy, but Moon Knight was having none of it.

Luckily, Deadpool was distracted by a nurse and was thrown out the window, but he healed and came back, and fought Moon Knight at a carnival… a fight that would leave Moon Knight the victor once again.

5. Eaten by Zombies

From Night of the Living Deadpool #4, Deadpool and his allies have to work up a cure to the zombie infection. When Deadpool is the only one who can go on, he has to drink mass quantities of the healing serum and let all the zombies take a bite out of him.  The Merc gets devoured alive.

However, all the zombies who bit Deadpool ended up losing their desire for human flesh, becoming a single collective consciousness, like a Deadpool hivemind.

4. Ripped Apart by Hulk

Hulk ripped apart Deadpool in Deadpool #39, but of course, that was exactly what Deadpool wanted him to do.  For his own odd reasons, the Merc with a Mouth wanted to die.  Deadpool tricked the Hulk with a few mind games, since big green guy isn’t the brightest around, and the Hulk happily ripped him apart.

3. Torn in Half by Luke Cage and Thor

From Deadpool Annual 2014, Deadpool actually asks a favor of Thor and Luke Cage. The voice of Marvel villain Madcap had inexplicably merged with Wade’s psyche in a 2008 comic, and became a voice in Deadpool’s already maddened mind.

In an effort to get Madcap out of his thoughts, Deadpool asks Luke Cage and Odinson to engage in a tug-of-war with his body. When he split in half, it tore Madcap from his brain and they both regenerated into their separate selves.

2. Killed by Another Deadpool

In the Deadpool Kills Deadpool storyline, Wade literally fights himself to the death. In an epic battle of Deadpool proportions, Dogpool is killed by Leather Deadpool, and Wade does not like that very much, so he does what any good Deadpool would do and take himself out – all of himself.

1. Disembowled by Wolverine

Wolverine and Deadpool have notably fought each other many times, resulting in many dangerous, often deadly situations.

From Deadpool #27, Deadpool needs a way to alleviate his hallucinations- he discovers when he’s fighting he can stave off the aggression. He decides Wolverine is the only hero who has the endurance to last against him in a fight.

After a long back and forth, Wolverine finally gets the drop on Deadpool and impales him in the stomach with his claws.  The artwork in the scene is an homage to Wolverine #88, where Deadpool has Wolverine impaled on his katanas.

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