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Susan and Kitty are firing up a list of the Top 10 Dragons in Gaming! From tabletop to classic arcade to modern video game remasters, these epic bosses and legendary allies have tipped the scales in their favor to climb to the top of the treasure hoard.

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Today, we’re firing up our list of the Top 10 Dragons in Gaming. These fire-breathing fighters have scaled up the challenge in some of our favorite game titles, from tabletop roleplay to classic arcade cabinets. Whether you’re playing with cards or a cartridge, these dragons represent the top of the treasure heap- they are the biggest bosses or the most amazing allies the game has to offer.

Listen along to find out which of these epic dragon enemies and heroes have leveled up the gaming landscape as we know it. Let’s get started!

10. Ender Dragon- Minecraft

The Ender Dragon is a flying boss mob featured in the blocky world of Minecraft.  This massive obsidian-tinged creature was the first boss added to the simulator game, located in the netherworld of the End. It can be fought and defeated with difficulty, dropping enough experience to level a player from Level 0 to Level 78.

The resources required to successfully reach the End, and then to stay alive in this strange dimension, make the Ender Dragon a massive threat for players in the otherwise mostly peaceful (Creepers, we’re looking at you) world of Minecraft.

9. Singe- Dragon’s Lair

The bane of arcade gamers everywhere, Singe the Dragon is the primary antagonist in the Don Bluth video game Dragon’s Lair, responsible for kidnapping Princess Daphne from Dirk the Daring. He is a large green wingless dragon with sharp teeth and fire-breathing abilities.

He keeps the key to Daphne’s prison around his neck, and most players are lucky to reach the depths of his castle, due to the difficulty of timing in the game. Despite being the title dragon of the Dragon’s Lair games, he is only featured in the first game.

8. Nicol Bolas- Magic the Gathering

Nicol Bolas is a planeswalker in the Magic the Gathering TCG.  He is a young and powerful Elder Dragon, also known as the Second Sun, the Forever Serpent, and the Horned One. In the mechanics of the game, his mana colors are blue, black, and red.

Nicol Bolas is one of the oldest beings in the Multiverse, and is seen as a force of destruction due to his ability to wield multiple colors of spells. He is villainous and ruthless, able to crush many who stand in his path.

7. Alduin- Skyrim

Alduin the World Eater is the primary antagonist in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and is considered the harbinger of the apocalypse. As the last Dragonborn, or Dovakhiin, players are tasked with learning how to use Dragon Shouts of great power to protect the world from Alduin’s return.

From the early moments of the game, this devastating dragon makes his presence known, and you spend the main quest absorbing dragon souls in order to finally slay Alduin- who explodes upon death after declaring that he cannot truly be killed.

6. Ridley- Metroid

This extraterrestrial dragon is known by many names in the Metroid franchise- Ridley, but also Geoform 187, and the Cunning God of Death.  Imbued with Space Pirate technology, this monstrous being is responsible for the death of Samus Aran’s parents.

Ridley is capable of quickly regenerating from even the most devastating of wounds by consuming biomatter to fuel his strength. He began in the series as a subordinate of Mother Brain, but eventually this fully sentient dragon beast became a cyberneting warrior and the leader of the Space Pirates.

5. Bahamut- Final Fantasy

Bahamut the Dragon King is one of the most prominent summons in the Final Fantasy series that players can call into battle after besting him and earning his loyalty.

Several encounters in the early Final Fantasy games are scripted so that players cannot summon him or defeat him on the first meeting. He is one of the most powerful summons in the main storyline and appears consistently throughout the series in over ten titles as a being of immense power, known for his Megaflare ability.

4. Spyro- Spyro the Dragon

Sony’s purple dragon Spyro is the sassy protagonist of his own Playstation game series, accompanied by his magical dragonfly friend Sparx. He journeys across the Dragon Kingdom to rescue a number of dragons in order to defend their treasure from the clutches of the Gnasty Gnorc and other foes.

This lovable video game icon is courageous and a bit bratty, leading to a lot of situations of mischief that ultimately leads to his saving the day from whatever nasty enemies try to attack the Dragon Kingdom. His main attacks include breathing fire and gliding with his small wings.

3. Deathwing- World of Warcraft

Deathwing the Destroyer is a colossal molten black dragon and serves as one of the five Dragon Aspects in the immense World of Warcraft franchise. Once known as Neltharion, Deathwing was sent to watch over Azeroth until the old gods swayed his heart and caused him to turn from the aspect of Earth to the Aspect of Death.

He became the scourge of Azeroth and the most powerful servant of the Old Gods, plated in adamantine armor. He has taken human form in order to fight against the Alliance, and later allied with the Horde. He is nightmarishly monstrous foe that plagues the adventurers of Azeroth in much of the World of Warcraft timeline, and was destroyed by the Dragon Soul artifact, although it is said that fragments of his blood still live on in the land.

2. Tiamat- Dungeons & Dragons

With her name taken from a mythological Mesopotamian goddess, Tiamat is a supremely strong dragon goddess in the legendary roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons. Arguably, she is one of the greatest enemies in D&D history, and is one of the most well-known dragons in the game.

Tiamat has 5-heads and is the queen Chromatic dragon, creator of all evil dragonkind. She first appeared in the Greyhawk supplementary rulebook written by Gary Gygax and Robert J. Kuntz, and this was arguably the most important supplement to the original D&D rules. Tiamat has been aligned both as lawful and chaotic evil, and sometimes manifests herself as a human sorceress to disguise her dragon form.

1. Charizard- Pokemon

For our number one choice on this list, we had to go with the most coveted dragon of all. While many of the others on this list serve as evil bosses in their various games, no dragon is quite as big a status symbol as the uber-cool Charizard from the Pokemon franchise. While Pikachu serves as the mascot for these popular pocket monster games, players and Pokemon Masters alike see Charizard as the most desirable, most popular evolved form of the original starters.

Despite being dragon-like, its typing in the game is actually Fire and Flying, only recently obtaining the temporary Dragon typing with the introduction of Mega Evolutions. Plus, as many fans can attest, no Pokemon card is more highly sought after than the holographic Charizard card from the first edition Pokemon Card set. For the #1 spot on our list, Charizard, we choose you.

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