Top 10 Villains in Batman’s Rogues Gallery

Batman’s Rogues Gallery is one of the greatest assemblies of villains in all of pop culture- but which criminals come out on top? Read along for our take on the Top 10 Villains in Gotham!

Honorable Mention: Batman’s Own Dark Nature

As seen in the popular graphic novel Batman: Ego and Other Tails by Darwyn Cooke, Batman not only has to keep the criminals at bay in Gotham, but he also deals with his own darker nature.  Feeling guilt and conflict over his crimefighting ways, Batman has come face to face with a personification of his own identity as Batman, representing a challenge to everything he understands about himself as a hero.

10. Ra’s Al Ghul

Ra’s Al Ghul, also known as The Head of the Ghoul or The Chief Demon, is a notable member of the League of Assassins, and a persistent threat to Batman.  He is a skilled martial artist and criminal mastermind, granted longevity and vitality through the Lazarus Pits, which restore life to the dying.  His daughter Talia Al Ghul has also proved an interesting threat and love interest for Batman, as well as the mother of Damian Wayne.

9. Riddler

Edward Nigma, aka the Riddler, is a genius-level intellect and criminal mastermind who delights in incorporating riddles and puzzles into his schemes. His challenges engage Batman’s detective side, as the Riddler broadcasts his plans through these word games that often enable those with enough intelligence to solve his crimes. His trademark calling card is the stylized question mark.

8. Hush

Hush, the title character of the popular Batman: Hush storyline, is a terrifying villain that Batman must face.  Once a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, Thomas Elliot grew up to be a vengeful and angry man who killed his own parents, and developed a grudge towards Bruce Wayne that drove his path to villainy.  He is also a skilled medical expert, able to remove Catwoman’s heart without any lasting damage.

7. Hugo Strange

Making his debut in Detective Comics #36, Hugo Strange was one of Batman’s first recurring villains. He has an obsessive, genius intellect, and is extremely skilled in chemistry and biology, making him a bit of a mad scientist intent on defeating Batman. He sometimes creates monsters and chemically-altered creatures to fight Batman. Hugo Strange was also one of the very first villains to discover Batman’s secret identity, hoping to possibly replace the hero.

6. Two-Face

Once known as district attorney Harvey Dent, Two-Face is a villain obsessed with duality after an incident (typically with acid, or burns) scars half of his face. He relies on his iconic coin to make many decisions for him, making him a capricious and unpredictable foe for Batman.  He is an intelligent criminal and skilled marksman, holding a grudge against Batman and always questioning the dual nature of the world- good and evil, light and darkness.

5. Poison Ivy

Formerly known as Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, Poison Ivy was imbued with toxic plant powers after an attempt on her life. She is obsessed with environmentalism and puts the survival of nature over the safety of humanity. She is often a temptress to Batman, with her toxic powers and pheromones causing an undeniable tension between the two. Batman has to counteract her with chemical means.

4. Mr. Freeze

Victor Fries is a tragic super villain, and one of Batman’s most enduring enemies.  A former cryogenics expert, he was involved in a lab accident when trying to revive his ill wife Nora Fries.  He resents Batman and is fueled by his tragedy, forced to wear a sub-zero suit in order to survive following the disaster in his laboratory.  He utilizes weapons that can freeze, and his suit grants him strength and durability.

3. Bane

Bane mixes brute strength with incredible intelligence to become one of the most intimidating, notable members of Batman’s Rogues Gallery. He has a photographic memory and deduced Batman’s secret identity with ease, proving an intellectual and physical threat to the Dark Knight. Using Venom to enhance his strength to superhuman levels, Bane is known as the only villain to have broken the Bat, where in the iconic Knightfall storyline he literally breaks Batman’s back over one knee.

2. Catwoman

Selina Kyle is an incredibly complex character- serving as an enduring love interest, occasional ally, and frequent foil to Batman’s crimefighting ways.  She has a love-hate relationship with the Dark Knight, becoming an antiheroine known for doing the wrong things for the right reasons.  Skilled with a bullwhip, Catwoman is a master cat burglar who always lands on her feet- right in step with Batman.  Her morally-grey nature provides the perfect mirror to Batman’s own crimefighter code, making these two a purr-fect match in the game of cat and mouse Batman has with his rogues.

1. The Joker

What should be little surprise to anyone, the top spot on our list belongs to the Clown Prince of Crime, the Jester of Genocide, Mr. Joe Kerr, Harley’s Puddin’ himself- The Joker. This legendary psychopath wears a sadistic smile through every crime, even though he started his legacy as a bit more of a goofy prankster before evolving into the criminal mastermind he is now. Many comics depict his relationship with Batman as the quintessential nemesis dynamic. Thwarting Batman is The Joker’s reason for being, and he is a defining part of Batman’s own quest for justice. He follows Batman across comics, film, television, and video games, as the perfect antithesis to the Dark Knight in every way.

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(Originally published August 31st, 2018).