Wonder Woman 1984 Villain Origins, Netflix’s Sandman Series Update, and more!

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Wonder Woman 1984 Villain Origins

In an interview with Empire Magazine, director Patti Jenkins talked about Wonder Woman 1984 villain Barbara “Cheetah” Minerva. She explained that Barbara has never met anyone as good as Diana, and Barbara will feel deeply insecure. Insecurity will turn into resentment, and Barbara will turn into Cheetah when Wonder Woman 1984 runs into theaters on August 14th.

Netflix’s Sandman Series Update

Neil Gaiman has confirmed that season one of the Sandman TV series has been completely written. And while production has been halted, they already have directors, some of the sets, and they’ve started their casting. There is no further news about Netflix’s Sandman series at this time.

Matt Reeves Talks The Batman

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Matt Reeves talked about his pitch for The Batman. He explained that he, “wants to do a Batman movie that has a chance to be something different, and humanist, and use the metaphors of the genre.” We’ll see his vision come to life when The Batman glides into theaters on June 25th, 2021.

Dan and Sam Film In The Works

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal is set to make an adaptation of the supernatural/romance graphic novel Dan & Sam. The film will follow Dan and Sam, a couple that discovers that love can transcend death, as the late Sam can visit Dan as a ghost once a year until he falls in love with someone new. Director Hikari, known for working on 37 Seconds and Orange is the New Black, will be directing the film.

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