Your Summer On The Couch- A Geek Guide to What’s New on Netflix

Looking for a way to beat the heat this summer? Try a revolutionary concept guaranteed to keep you cool and relaxed: stay indoors!

With some of the most popular Netflix Originals pushing out new seasons, to long-loved pop culture comedy icons adding fresh content to their rosters, there’s plenty of reason to chill out on the couch with an ice cold drink.  Try out one of these exciting shows this summer!


If you liked Orange Is the New Black, you’ll love GLOW! This fresh comedy series takes place in 1980’s Los Angeles, featuring a huge female cast as a ragtag group that forms the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Starring Allison Brie and Betty Gilpin, this witty, engaging series has a full debut season that seems to be constantly trending, delighting viewers with its offbeat but charming humor.

Season 2 promises to up the ante as the women face the very real threat of television cancellation and dismissal based on discrimination. Despite the heavy topics addressed, the show’s new season trailer promises plenty of fun amidst the strife. GLOW Season 2 comes to Netflix on June 29.


Arrested Development is a time-honored classic among comedy genre aficionados. Starring Jason Bateman and Jeffery Tambor, who play a father-son duo to mark the ages, the series follows Michael Bluth as he is forced to keep his once-wealthy, dysfunctional, and eccentric family together through his father’s arrest for shady bookkeeping operations.

Season 5, which dropped in late May, promises to be full of laughs, as Michael’s sister runs for Congress for her own gains. With plenty of back catalog and lots of in-jokes, this series is sure to keep you coming back for more! And remember, there’s alway money in the banana stand.


If you’re looking for some more intense, emotional journeys, you may want to turn to Riverdale. Based on the massively popular and culturally historic Archie Comics, Riverdale stars K.J. Apa, Lili Reinhart, and Camila Mendes as typical teenagers just trying to survive high school. Of course, that isn’t an entertaining concept to most of us- the twist here is that while living their lives, they get entrenched in a dark mystery surrounding their town.

Season 2 of Riverdale is now fresh in the Netflix lineup, and things get stranger with every episode.  This isn’t your parents’ Archie.


The Flash is another popular Netflix series to get you engrossed in a high-action excitement, starring Grant Gustin as the title character. Based on the beloved DC Comics character, Barry Allen is a forensics expert who wakes from a coma with remarkable superpowers and takes on fighting crime in his hometown.

Season 4 of this classic comic book hero adventure series is out now and ready for watching, and promises even more amazing exploration of the characters with and without their masks- both metaphorical and literal.


Jessica Jones certainly has a name worth billboarding as a show title. Krysten Ritter does an exceptional job of portraying the strong, gritty female lead in this exciting mystery-driven Marvel series. Jessica is on the hunt for the tormentor of her past, using her trauma as her fuel to make sure that nobody else suffers at his hand.

Season 2, released in March, delves deeper into Jessica’s personal life and is full of drama and intrigue- before you settle in to catch up on the next Marvel Netflix original, Luke Cage, be sure to check in everyone’s favorite fighting private eye. Season 3 is currently in the works, and a release date is coming soon!


Marvel is really on a roll with their Netflix game; Luke Cage is a big hit among fans of the brand, as a part of the Defenders universe. Mike Colter stars as Luke himself, an ex-con who had no intentions of getting mixed up in the mess he finds himself in. Alongside stars like Alfre Woodard and Rosario Dawson playing major supporting roles, Luke Cage exemplifies remarkable bravery and heroism as he steps up to the plate and protects his Harlem neighborhood from a host of threats.

In the trailer for the upcoming Season 2, we meet The Bushmaster, a brutal and mystifying threat to Harlem and to Luke Cage himself, who has an unmatched ability to deflect bullets and knock our hero down in just a few seconds of hand-to-hand combat. The trailer ends with a feature of Misty Knight, with her amazing new robotic arm, and a meta commentary on sidekicks and show titles. This superflick will fill your Netflix queue on June 22nd.

Netflix is constantly adding new series to their incredible television and film lineup, so be sure to update your streaming queue for a geeky way to spend your summer vacation!

So, what’s on your summer watch list?   Let us know in the comments!