Zack Snyder’s The Justice League Mother Box Origins Promo, The Department of Truth Adaptation, and more!

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Zack Snyder’s The Justice League Mother Box Origins Promo

Zack Snyder debuted a new look at the Justice League Snyder Cut during IGN Fan Fest. The promo called The Mother Box Origins set to the Tom Waits song “Time,” shows an easter egg filled sculpture of the whole Justice League as a part of the Mother Box. Zack Snyder’s The Justice League premieres on HBO Max on March 18th.

The Department of Truth Adaptation

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Image Comic series based on James Tynion IV and Martin Simmonds The Department of Truth is in development. The series “deals with the idea of how conspiracy theories that take hold can shape the fabric of reality, and a former FBI agent who joins the mysterious government organization that deals with conspiracies.” There is no further news about The Department of Truth at this time.

Netflix’s Jupiter’s Legacy First Look

Netflix debuted their first look at their upcoming adaptation of Jupiter’s Legacy. The feature focuses on how they brought Mark Millar and Frank Quitely’s comic to the screen. Jupiter’s Legacy premieres  on Netflix on May 7th.

Red Sonja Film Gets Writer

Netflix’s Tomb Raider showrunner Tasha Huo is set to write an upcoming Red Sonja film. Joey Soloway will be the director. There is no further news about the Red Sonja film at this time.

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