Mark 42 inbound!

“I’ll be damned. The prodigal son returns.”

Straight out of Tony Stark’s hall of armor, Sideshow and Legacy Effects are proud to present the Iron Man Mark 42 Life-Size Bust from Marvel’s hit film, Iron Man 3.

Iron Man Mark 42 Life-Size Bust

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Created in tandem with the Hollywood special FX team responsible for all of the live-action suits in the Iron Man trilogy, we’ve captured every detail of the Mark 42 using the original molds developed for the film.

Video – Stan Lee meets the real Tony Starks at Legacy Effects

Measuring just over two feet tall, Stark’s latest ‘bouncing badass’ Iron Man armor is brought to life with a stunning high gloss paint application, and brilliant white LEDs to light his eyes and arc reactor.

From the man who builds neat stuff, has got a great girl, and occasionally saves the world, the Iron Man Mark 42 Life-Size Bust will be a must-have for your collection! As Tony Stark would say, “everybody needs a hobby.”

The Iron Man Mark 42 Life-Size Bust will be priced at $999.99 and have optional payment plans available. Pre-orders will begin this Thursday, January 30th with an official announcement in the weekly Sideshow Newsletter.