Our Skeletor Statute Has A Life-Sized Cosplay Variant – sort of.

Sideshow collector and RPF member Hermes has turned  our statues into a cosplay and what a cosplay it is!

Hermes lives in Brasilia, Brazil and while he doesn’t have access to certain items that would have made this cosplay easier like Worbla or a pre-made muscle suit, that wasn’t going to stop him. Who needs those things when you have 27 years of costume making experience, some anatomy books, a blowtorch, latex, EVA foam, and a dream?

It came down to the wire and the last bits of blue paint, but this Skeletor costume was ready for the photoshoot and we hear there’s a smile under that skull mask.

Since Hermes was so great at the costume making, we’d like to request a video of that cosplay in action inspired by, say, something like this.

You can read more about this cosplay creation over on the RPF.

Thanks for being awesome, Hermes!


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