San Diego Comic-Con 2013 – That’s a wrap!

Another July has gone, and with it another Comic-Con has ended. The Sideshow team had a blast this year, both in San Diego and online! In fact, we are already reminiscing – here are some snapshots of good times ’round the booth, and some of our thoughts on what we were most excited about from the show!

Elisse Mendez: “My favorite part about working at the Sideshow booth this year in San Diego was getting to know fans and collectors, and making new friends. As for collectibles, the moment I saw the J. Scott Campbell Mary Jane Comiquette I knew I had to have it. Essentially this is my first Sideshow order for myself and I’m super excited!”

Christina Lee: “It was so cool seeing families taking pictures with the Life-Size Iron Man figures and bonding over their love for all things Iron Man!”

Mike Tolentino: “My favorite moment from San Diego had to be meeting Stan Lee at our booth (and getting him cookies and juice!) I was also jazzed to show off the latest additions to the Cobra ranks, especially Storm Shadow!”

David Igo: “This year I was most excited about our Sinestro Premium Format Figure. Being a newer Green Lantern fan, we worked hard to translate Hal’s antagonist, and sympathetic bad-ass, Sinestro into 3D. Especially the anatomy, guahhhhhh….”

Terry Smith: “My favorite reveals at the Con were Star Wars Sixth Scale, especially the Echo Base lineup! What Star Wars fan wouldn’t want a model of an Imperial Probe Droid to guard the desk in his office? And the proud posture of the Tauntaun, coupled with its pair of switch-out heads…I can almost hear it bleating, and not just because I have a Tauntaun text tone on my phone.”

Kellam Cunningham: “The Red Sonja: Victorious! is incredible…the paint, the stance… the apparel. Simply awesome!”

Dennis Bower: “My favorite new item is the General Grievous Sixth Scale Figure. It looks great in person and is a blast to play with! All the crazy arm combos, the insane poses it can hold and the fact that the fingers are articulated made this one an easy pick. I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time and think it will really deliver on the anticipation for fans too. Even though I did not attend Comic-Con this year, the big announcement of Superman vs Batman has the fan boy in me ready to geek out big time!”

Mike Hollister: “Everyone was asking me throughout the con what my favorite piece was, and it’s a hard question. I want the Knifehead: Pacific Rim Statue in the abode. It’s awesome on its own, a great tribute to various monsters in the past (the Goblin shark as well) and it would complement the many other Guillermo del Toro monsters around my place.”

Aimee Stewart: “Hands down, the sequel to Man of Steel announcement, featuring Batman. Man of Steel is my favorite film of 2013, and I was sad to see Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy come to a close. Seeing Superman and Batman onscreen together seems like the best of … everything! At our booth, my favorite new reveal was Queen of the Dead Premium Format Figure. She’s breathtakingly beautiful, and has a palpable air of mystery around her. You can immediately sense that there is a story behind her look, costume, even her posture, which seems regal, and supremely confident.”

Daniel Campisi: “It’s impossible to pick one favorite! The J. Scott Campbell collection has amazing style and personality, and the new comic-book paint application really makes them pop. The costuming on the Black Widow Premium Format is hands-down one of the best I have seen in my time at Sideshow. And the Red Sonja: Victorious! Premium Format Figure is so dynamic! I think the pose fits the character so well, and the attention to detail on her costume and accessories is the icing on the cake. I want them all for my own collection!”