Sideshow Gives Back

Sideshow Gives Back

Help us share the gift of giving this holiday season through Sideshow Gives Back!

Sideshow believes the world of pop culture can accomplish some amazing things — it can transport us to new universes, teach us to understand other perspectives, and maybe most importantly, help us escape the challenges of the real world and give us a reason to smile.

In this spirit, we want to put a smile on some faces this holiday season with our Sideshow Gives Back program. For 9 years, Sideshow has taken nominations from our collective pop culture community to recognize deserving individuals during the holidays.

Through this campaign, we can help bring some cheer to a friend, family member, or loved one that needs it this year. If you know someone who deserves a geeky gift for the holiday season, simply submit your gift recipient’s details, including their name, shipping address, and phone number (required by the shipping service) in addition to your own information. Then, tell us in 200 words or fewer about your giftee and why they deserve a special present this season. In your submission, be sure to mention the IN-STOCK item from that would best suit them, and don’t forget to share a picture of your intended recipient, because those are always fun to see. The requests that are selected to be fulfilled will be secretly shipped out to their recipients as a festive surprise*!

*Sideshow will be selecting and fulfilling only a portion of the completed, qualifying entries submitted during the campaign period. Only one entry per person. Multiple entries will be voided. We reserve the right to substitute any items based on availability, price, and territorial licensing restrictions. Requests containing PO boxes or incomplete shipping information will be voided. We will not be fulfilling requests for goods not found on or gift cards to other sites. If your nomination was fulfilled through this campaign last season, please refrain from entering to give others a chance for selection.

Letters from the mailbag

Sideshow Gives Back

"Please send a hero he can call his own."

Chesley told us the joy that she and her son get from playing together with her sixth scale figures is worth more than any mint-in-box collection, and made a wish for a hero her son could call his own.

Sideshow Gives Back

"Anthony is kind hearted. He never asks of anything from anyone. To me, he is essentially Peter Parker before Peter was bitten by the spider. He doesn't know his own strength, the power he holds, he's just waiting for the one pivotal moment for it to be unleashed and his entire life to change.

He lost some of the greatest Spider-Man comics of all time due to an accident in his basement many years ago. I think Anthony is one of the most unique individuals on the planet, because no matter what obstacle he faces, he overcomes it. He's earned the title of Peter Parker." –Tyler

"A big heartfelt thank you!"

My name is James and I just wanted to take a second to say, thank you to all of you talented folks who make these amazing creations for us. I was one of your lucky winners for your Christmas giveaways for a deserving person.

My wife Andrea wrote in to you about how I have been trying to get an Iron Man figure from you guys forever and could never pull the money together, due to 8 million other married home owner issues that pop up and eat your money faster than you can save it. I am a Gulf War Vet and former police officer and have spent most my life protecting others up until the last couple years. I am finally in a cushy computer job with good hours. But any way, thank you, from the bottom of my heart it was so awesome to open that Mk 33 Iron Man on Christmas! You guys are the best!"

“I’d like to get my brother something that really shows that he deserves better than what he has and that hes appreciated for all the kindness he’s shown to our family.”

“I love this man with all my heart and he is the biggest geek I know :)”

Sideshow Gives Back

“My mum won’t let dad have any more life size busts coz he keeps making the noises of the statues as he walks past them and she’s getting grumpy with him. He just got War Machine life size bust and keeps making machine gun noises. He would love another Iron Man bust, and so would me and my little brother hearing him make more silly noises.”

“My mom is my best friend and one of the only people I can geek out with about Marvel stuff. She gives up everything for me so I’ll be happy, and this would be a wonderful way for me to give something back.”

Sideshow Gives Back

“When I wanted Air Jordans my dad sold his favorite Hot Toys Joker to get them for me. He would do anything for me and is the best dad I could ever ask for. If I could buy him anything in the whole wide world I would get him a Hot Toys Joker.” – Johnathan

Sideshow Gives Back

"I was completely blown away when I received an unexpected package yesterday! When I read the card and saw that Sideshow had made my son's Christmas wish come true I was truly in shock!!

I had planned on giving it to him as a gift from Santa, but I decided he should know the truth...that it was a gift from you guys!! When he opened it he was very surprised and soooo happy! He truly appreciates the generous gift and cherishes it daily!

You have brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!!!! Merry Christmas!!"

"My name is Megan. I participated in the Sideshow Gives Back Christmas entry, and WOW! Thank you so much for the Thor figurine! Brandon LOVES it! He was so surprised, as was I!

What a wonderful way to thank you fans. You guys are amazing, and you have definitely brought light into our December, by way of Asgard god."

"It would be brilliant for him to receive a gift as a reward for all the good he does to help others."

Laura submitted a wish for James, whose son who was diagnosed with a brain tumour when he was only 4 yrs old. When James found out about his son's tumour he set up a charity in part of the UK where he lives called Reach for a Star, where he helps other children facing life-altering, life threatening or terminal medical conditions like his son to receive gifts or help.

"My name is Arianna and I'm 9 years old. My best friend is my big brother, Fabrizio. He is 16 years old and he is my hero. He has a big problem with his heart.

Fabrizio never complains about his problem. When his heart stopped, I was so scared. He told me not to cry and that everything would be okay. I think he is the strongest brother ever. I hope you can make his wish come true."

"I think a lifetime of friendship deserves a reward."

Jon's best and most loyal friend Matt has "more ticket stubs for The Avengers than he has toes." He believes a lifetime of friendship deserves a reward, and so do we!