Sideshow sculptor Andy Bergholtz and Ray Villafane star in new Syfy original, Carvers

Dream team Andy Bergholtz and Ray Villafane are carving up a new art form—out of everything and into anything.

On March 4th, Syfy’s new special, Carvers, will put some familiar faces to the test. Knives in hand, watch Sideshow sculptor Andy Bergholtz and his long-time friend and colleague Ray Villafane create masterpieces out of wood, ice, pumpkins, chocolate, sand, meat and anything else their clients desire. From high-end corporate events to state fairs, the duo will work feverishly with their crew to design and sculpt jaw-dropping works of larger-than-life art.

With over 10 years of professional design and sculpting experience, Bergholtz has had a hand in sculpting numerous characters for Sideshow, including Batman, Superman, and the Joker in scales from 1:6th to life-size.

Carvers premieres Tuesday, March 4 at 10 pm on Syfy.