They mostly come out at night…mostly

“They mostly come out at night…mostly.”

As long-time fans of Aliens, the Sideshow creative team is thrilled to return to the hive and present the Alien Warrior Legendary Scale™ Bust. We’ve replicated one of Hollywood’s most memorable monsters to exacting standards, and at roughly one-half scale, this highly-detailed xenomorph is no less intimidating than its life-size counterpart.

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“They’re gonna come in here, AND THEY’RE GONNA GET US!”

Hand-finished with a wealth of fine detail and signature glossy-wet appearance, the Legendary Scale™ Bust accentuates the distinct exo-skeletal sinewy ridges, and brown coloration of the warrior as seen in James Cameron’s 1986 sequel.

As an additional nod to the rich film lore, we have incorporated a special design relief of an Alien egg and facehugger at the base of the bust (below left).

With terrifying inner jaws exposed, the eerie Alien Warrior Legendary Scale™ Bust is so lifelike you can almost hear it’s menacing hiss – think twice before getting too close!

Sideshow Exclusive Edition

The Sideshow Exclusive Edition will include an ‘Aliens’ nameplate display – an excellent addition for the serious Aliens collector.

The regular and Exclusive editions are each priced at $359.99, with payments available for as low as $64.80/month.
It’s a bughunt!