Top 5 Time Travel Moments in the MCU

If we’ve learned anything from Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s that time is more flexible than Loki’s loyalties. We’ve seen reality warped by probability hexes and devices that can reset an entire timeline. Audiences are keeping a close watch on what’s in store with Loki and the plots being set up for upcoming titles like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

All throughout the MCU, time travel has been a key part of the storylines, especially in the Infinity Saga. Let’s take a look back at some of the greatest time travel moments in the MCU so far.

Scott’s Description of the Time Heist

Sweet, sweet Scott. As he’s pitching the Time Heist to Tony and explaining the most important rules of time travel, Tony interrupts. “Are you seriously telling me that your plan to save the universe is based on Back to the Future?” he asks Scott — which, to be fair, it worked for Marty and Doc so why not? Ant-Man is the king of big ideas. Plus, the MCU loves a good throwback, as we also see with …

Wanda’s Retro Style

Westview undergoes many makeovers in WandaVision, each more nostalgic than the last. Wanda’s influence brings wholesome, black-and-white 1950s sitcom style, technicolor Brady Bunch patterns and shag rugs, plus big ’80s hair and early-2000s camera monologues. However, Wanda’s best use of retro hex magic would be her Halloween costumes. She puts herself and Vision in outfits that reference their characters’ original comic book appearances in a clever nod to the magic that started it all.

Time-Twister Madness in Loki

When Loki gets his hands on a Time-Twister in Episode 1, the signature remote control devices of the TVA in the Loki series, he of course lets the power go to his head. His God-of-Mischief pride was damaged when he was caught by Hunter B-15, so he enjoys some payback by putting her in a time loop. If you’d just witnessed your own death projected onto a wall, you’d probably feel pretty ticked off, too. Later, in Episode 4, we see Loki caught yet again in a Time-Twister-induced time loop — in this instance, a TVA containment cell in which he’s stuck reliving a particularly painful exchange with Lady Sif.

Age of Ultron Flashbacks

Flashbacks count as time travel, right? In this case, the flashbacks are caused by Wanda’s telepathic hexes as she sends some of the Avengers into painfully warped memories they’d normally keep hidden. Thor must confront the death of his people and his failures as an Asgardian leader while Cap endures a wartime ballroom filled with injured soldiers and a fleeting vision of Peggy. Black Widow’s flashback seems especially painful as she relives her training in the Red Room, a backstory we’ll hopefully get more of in the upcoming Black Widow (July 9).

Dormammu’s Time Loop

This is another MCU time loop, although Doctor Strange’s battle with Dormammu is decidedly less silly than Loki’s mishandling of a Time-Twister. In the climactic battle with the Dark Dimension’s ruler, Doctor Strange outsmarts the villainous entity by entrapping him in a frustrating loop. Dormammu must repeatedly kill the Sorcerer Supreme until finally he begs to be set free from the Eye of Agamotto’s grasp.

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