What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?

Gotham City’s resident cat burglar has arrived!

Sideshow is proud to introduce the elusive and alluring Catwoman Sixth Scale Figure.

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Fitted with a sleek black bodysuit and a few key tools of her trade, Selina Kyle is more than ready for her next heist. In addition to nine lives, a climbing harness will come in handy when making a quiet entrance or a hasty exit, and her trademark whip to keep the boys in line.

A girl can’t leave home without the right accessories, so we’ve included her cat-shaped belt buckle, infra red-lensed goggles, boots fit for burglary – and of course, this cat’s got claws! Two hand-painted portraits purr-fect our frisky femme fatale, one with Selina’s mischievous smirk, and a second that shows off her more ferocious side.

In addition to an enormous sparkling diamond, the Exclusive Catwoman Sixth Scale Figure will include an extra stolen treasure, an Egyptian cat idol accessory (above right).

The Exclusive and regular versions of the Catwoman Sixth Scale Figure are priced at $189.99 with payment plans available for as low as $63.33/month. Gentlemen of Gotham City, keep a tight grip on your fortune and your heart.