12 photos that capture all the feels you get when a box from Sideshow arrives

Anyone who has ever waited on a package from Sideshow knows the anticipation, excitement, and joy that comes with each and every moment leading up to that very first peek. These 12 pictures from fans on Instagram perfectly capture all the feels…

All the feels of Christmas morning.

Always feels like Christmas when I see this in the mail! #sideshow

A photo posted by Brandon Schnoor (@ethoady_creative_designs) on

Sometimes it is actually on Christmas.

When your statue arrives at work and you can’t help but sneak a peek…

But then it’s finally time!

Time to unbox …
A photo posted by The firestarter ✔ (@luisnostromo) on

Let’s be honest, there might be screaming.

Im screaming right now! #sideshowcollectibles #wonderwoman #premiumformat

A photo posted by Justin (@dorkknight89) on

But we assure you, your face is safe.

And that it is totally real life.

This guy knows what’s we’re talking about.

And when you see that artwork for the first time.

It just never, ever, ever gets old…

True collectors keep all the boxes. #sideshowcollectibles #hottoys #prime1studio #masterreplicas

A photo posted by Michael Yu (@mikey_yu) on

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