6 Ways to Get Rid of Your Nightmare On Elm Street!

Freddy Krueger is a serial killer possessed by three dream demons. Those demons give him the power to enter your dreams, haunt you, and kill you. Those demons are powered by fear, and eager to spread chaos as far as Krueger’s iconic claws can reach.

It’s hard to fight off a person who was a serial killer both in life and in death, but there are at least six ways to get rid of Freddy Krueger. Let’s find out how you can end your nightmares!

1. Face Your Fears

(A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master)

The most direct route is to choose not to believe in Freddy Krueger. Since the dream demons get their power directly from fear, taking fear out of the equation makes them have no effect on you. Now, as long as no one else remembers any myths about him and no kids sing any songs about him, you’ll probably be good.

And you really have to mean it too. Nancy turns away from Freddy Krueger, taking action to prove that she doesn’t believe that he’s truly alive. It doesn’t work as well for Debbie Stevens, who takes no action against him. While she’s lifting weights, she struggles with the very weight of his reality and even though she says,”I don’t believe in you,” Freddy manages to trap her in her own roach motel hell.

So if you’re going to try and push the weight of Freddy Krueger off of you, do it with conviction.

2. True Love’s Kiss

(A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge)

If you’re feeling brave, you could always fall in love with his host body in the real world. It won’t be easy, of course. When he was possessing Jesse, he thought he was in complete control. Even then, it was still Jesse’s body, and they fought for control of it.

Lisa, Jesse’s girlfriend, was ready to do anything to save him. Lisa was brave enough to kiss Freddy Krueger‘s mangled face in order to get through to Jesse. Lisa’s true love gave Jesse the focus he needed to take control of his body again for just a moment, and he used Freddy’s power to start a fire against him. Back in control, Jesse burned Freddy Krueger to death.

So it’s a team effort. Death by fire, and red hot love.

3. Holy Water, and a Holy Death

(A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors)

Neil Gordon worked hard for this one. He had to find Freddy Krueger’s actual bones, and bury him on holy ground. I don’t think I know where the nearest holy ground is, but it seems that anywhere near a church should do. And you’ll want to be at a church so you can also get some holy water.

Holy water and a cross on his bones should mostly do the trick to get rid of this dream demon. But if you want to be sure, stabbing Freddy Krueger with his own gloves will do a lot of good damage. So follow Nancy’s lead and fight back against that evil.

This is also the only known method to make Freddy Krueger become a disco ball.

4. Show Evil its Own Face

(A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master)

Evil is often intertwined with prophecies. Freddy Krueger is no exception. In fact, one of the ways you can kill him is to complete the very prophecy that he is a part of. And this is a death unlike any others that he has ever had.

Alice recalls an old nursery rhyme called “The Dream Master” and recites its verse in order to defeat Freddy. She shouts out, “Evil will see itself and it will die!” and in that moment, Freddy Krueger is confronted with all the evil that he’s done. All of the souls he’s stolen. All of the fear he’s consumed. In that moment, the souls escape from his grasp and they tear his body apart, killing him and freeing themselves.

There’s nothing quite as freeing as the death of dream demons.

5. Have a Demon Child!

(A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child)

It’s really about the father-son relationship here. Alice, a survivor from the previous movie, eventually becomes pregnant with Jacob, Freddy Krueger‘s supernatural child. Alice didn’t expect this, nor did she plan it, but she did adapt. Jacob even worked together with his grandmother, Amanda Krueger, to help thwart the sadistic serial killer.

Jacob tricks his father, saying, “Leave her! Let’s go. I wanna learn stuff from you! She’s no fun anymore. Teach me?” Then, Jacob unleashes his power against his own father, reducing Freddy Krueger to a helpless infant as he frees the trapped souls of Alice and her friends. Amanda Krueger absorbs the very nightmare himself back into her womb and then seals him away.

And it’s all thanks to good parenting!

6. Blow Him Up with a Pipe Bomb!

(Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare)

Speaking of parenthood, Freddy Krueger‘s actual daughter had the name Katherine Krueger. After Freddy was arrested and murdered, she was taken away and renamed Maggie Burroughs. Maggie, an intelligent and capable doctor, was helping one of the only surviving teenager in the town of Springwood.

They planned. They schemed. They tried to find any way that they could to defeat Freddy Krueger once and for all. What they found was that he could be truly defeated if he brought into the real world, and separated from the dream demons that always bring him back to life. In a horrifying fight scene, Maggie claws him with his own gloves and stabs pipe bomb right into his chest.

Leave it to Freddy Krueger to go out with a bang!

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