How Powerful Is King Shark in DC Comics, Movies, and TV?

King Shark is a massive humanoid shark. He’s sure to make a splash in any medium! As a matter of fact, he has certainly made quite a few splashes. Over the past few years, King Shark has become more and more popular among DC Comics character. This May, he’ll even be featured in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the fifth installment in the Batman: Arkham video game series.

Where else has King Shark appeared? And how does he differ in each portrayal? Get ready for a deep dive into the ocean’s depths as we find out King Shark’s history.

DC Comics

There are many different versions of King Shark throughout the comics, but there are a few consistent themes. First of all, his real name is always Nanaue. He always has an extremely powerful bite. Lastly, King Shark always has an extreme lust for blood. In quite a few versions, his father is the Shark God Chondrakha. It is his paternal lineage that gives Nanaue his unique form and his intense strength. Enhanced hearing, smell, strength, and most importantly, durability make him a fierce opponent.

As a water-based villain, he’s gone toe to toe with Aquaman multiple times, and can withstand hits from Aquaman without much damage. Aquaman is strong enough to fight with Superman and Wonder Woman, yet King Shark is usually unphased by Aquaman’s strength. Alternatively, King Shark has certainly been able to hurt Aquaman with his own punches. It’s fair to say that he’s a worthy foe.

The Suicide Squad

In James Gunn’s first DC film, we get to meet King Shark in a whole new way. He’s a part of the Suicide Squad, a team of villains that Amanda Waller recruited to carry out the most dangerous missions for the U.S. government. When we meet him, he’s been at Belle Reve Correctional Center for some time.

Amanda Waller mentions that he may be a descendant of a powerful shark god, but if that’s the case, he certainly didn’t inherit divine intelligence. Nanaue is a kind yet dull creature. He’ll do nearly anything for his friends, and he’s got the strength to do it. In the film, King Shark’s skin is practically bulletproof, he’s got a dangerous bite, and he’s strong enough to rip a soldier in half vertically. Talk about precision cutting!

Harley Quinn

We get to know King Shark better than ever in DC’s animated Harley Quinn series. He’s one of the main members of Harley Quinn’s crew, alongside Clayface and Poison Ivy. Not only is he the descendant of a Shark God, he’s the literal heir to the throne of an undersea kingdom!

Most importantly, in this version of Nanaue, he’s extremely intelligent, both emotionally and technologically. He’s a supportive friend, a capable enemy, and an excellent source of comedy.

The Flash

One of the very first times we meet King Shark outside of the comics is in The CW’s series The Flash. He’s strong enough to completely demolish the structure of a house with just a single swipe. Even while The Flash is in motion, King Shark’s reflexes are quick enough to land a hit.

His skin is completely impervious to bullets but, most impressive of all, King Shark can swim just as fast as Barry runs across water — confirmed in the very first scene where The Flash runs on water at approximately 650 miles per hour! This television version might just be the most powerful version of King Shark we’ve seen yet.

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