These Black DC Comics Heroes Are Meant for the Screen!

With the first chapter of DC Studios’ next projects all laid out, we’ll be getting a fresh start with DC Comics adaptations. James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DCU will reintroduce DC’s legacy heroes while also bringing some lesser-known teams into the mix.

The DCU reboot also opens the door for an even wider range of Black heroes, villains, and every vigilante in between. From the comics, there are plenty of terrific Black characters to choose from. So who is ready to make the big leap from page to screen? Here’s a look at a few of DC’s Black characters who could easily fit into the new DCU.

Amanda Waller’s TV Series

With the news that Viola Davis will be returning as Amanda Waller, the solo series for the head of A.R.G.U.S. provides plenty of opportunities for more Black DC characters. In addition to the likely return of her daughter Leota Adebayo, Waller’s series could also bring in more behind-the-scenes characters like Flo Crawley (who appeared in The Suicide Squad and a deleted Peacemaker scene) and Joseph Devol, a man with the power to displace Waller at A.R.G.U.S.

However, it wouldn’t be an Amanda Waller story without intense subterfuge. If the series were to introduce Checkmate, a covert government operation to monitor metahuman activity, then Mister Terrific could play an interesting role in Waller’s series. Mister Terrific also plays into Gunn’s affinity for underused heroes. Michael Holt, AKA Mister Terrific, is a fresh take on a Black hero since he does not rely on street fighting but instead his genius-level intellect to fight crime. Down the line, he forms his own team, the Terrifics, and even has a relationship with Power Girl.

New Suicide Squad Members

Though Leota exposed Waller’s involvement in the Suicide Squad project, Waller will undoubtedly find a way for Task Force X to keep going — hopefully with key members like Bloodsport, who somehow led the mismatched team to success. Plus, there’s of course room for more Black Suicide Squad members like Bronze Tiger, Icicle, or Jog.

Another Suicide Squad member who would be fun to see on screen, and could serve as a link between Waller’s series and Harley Quinn, is Hack. This young girl is a metahuman who can download herself onto the internet — perfect for Waller’s signature brand of information-based deception. Zalika, AKA Hack, admires Harley Quinn a lot, an influence that could make her character development very disruptive (in the best way).

Jo Mullein – The Ultimate Green Lantern

If we’re going to do space protectors, let’s really do space protectors. Gunn has specified the Lanterns series will be terrestrial based but that doesn’t mean we can’t see some extraterrestrial action. Even if intergalactic stars like Jo Mullein can’t be featured extensively, at least the Green Lantern series could set up the potential for her own project in upcoming DCU chapters.

Besides, if recent years have taught us anything, why wait to introduce heroes? When introductions are dragged out it only eats up screen time. There’s no reason a whole squadron of Green Lanterns can’t shine together — Jo Mullein, Simon Baz, and Jessica Cruz are all great contenders for screen time alongside John Stewart and Hal Jordan. Most importantly, Jo Mullein is a gateway between Earth’s Lanterns and Lanterns that are assigned elsewhere. Her story might take place far from Earth but the themes are nothing short of universal.

Teen Titans in the DCU

Following the Flashpoint-inspired storyline from this summer’s The Flash, there will probably be quite a few legacy hero spots to fill. After all, a universal rest means a nice clean slate. Fortunately, DC Comics does a thorough job of establishing tight-knit groups under their super heroes’ monikers. DC sidekicks are never sidekicks for long!

For example, Aquaman has often had a sidekick, and in recent year’s Jackson Hyde has elevated this role from sidekick to successor. Plus, Jackson’s connection to Black Manta makes for a compelling case of “Is evil hereditary or can I be my own person?”

Jackson would also bring in the potential for a whole team of “sidekicks,” sometimes known as Young Justice and other times as the Teen Titans. These impressive teams have also featured Bumblebee, Vox (formerly known as Guardian), and Flash-family members like Wallace West and Jess Chambers. Cyborg could even make his way over from Doom Patrol (if crossovers are on the table). All of these young heroes would set up the DCU for many years of storytelling.

The Fox Family – A Gotham Dynasty

Lucius Fox, the genius behind Batman’s crime-stopping technology and the man in charge of Wayne Enterprises, has a family just as impressive as he is: two daughters, Tiffany and Tamara, and two sons, Luke and Jace. Three of his children are active crimefighters in Gotham City.

Despite his father’s wishes, Luke took up the Batwing mantle, the second person to do so after David Zavimbe. Luke has also been in a relationship with Batgirl. The other Fox son, Timothy “Jace” Fox, was estranged from his family for much of his life. He was often at odds with his father and he even trained under Katana. Eventually, Jace found out his mother wasn’t Tanya Fox but rather Elena Aoki, a former employee of Wayne Enterprises. When Jace returned to Gotham, he stepped into the role of Batman following Bruce’s death in Future State. Now, Jace operates as Batman, often accompanied by his little sister, Tiff, who is on track to become a new Batgirl.

The dynamics of the Wayne family are well known at this point, so expanding the Bat-Family’s lore to fully include the Fox family would be a welcome addition to the screen.

Nubia — Queen of the Amazons

Paradise Lost, as a title, implies that Wonder Woman’s home of Paradise Island will endure much pain before paradise can be found again. Gunn described this show as similar to Game of Thrones, an allusion that could be referring to the Amazonian Civil War found in George Pérez’s 1980s run on Wonder Woman. Hopefully this series will also take inspiration from the stunningly impactful Wonder Woman Historia: The Amazons.

In many iterations of their history, Diana and her mother Queen Hippolyta don’t see eye to eye. When Diana has died or been unable to serve as Wonder Woman, Hippolyta has taken her place — and Nubia has stepped in to rule as Queen of the Amazons. Nubia was raised in tandem with Diana and both are divinely skilled. Themyscira’s unique political structure will certainly leave many opportunities for Amazons of color, like Nubia, to have prominent roles in the island’s struggles.

Vixen – The Totem Package

While we’re on the subject of characters who are more than capable of leading their own story, let’s pull up to Vixen. If there was ever a fascinating choice for a well-budgeted, high-flying story with amazing special effects, it’s Vixen. She can channel the abilities of any animal — the visual possibilities are limitless!

With her Tantu Totem, a powerful Zambesi talisman, fashion designer Mari McCabe becomes Vixen. This super hero can scale walls like a spider, pack the punch of an elephant, kick with the force of a kangaroo — her powers are only limited by what she can imagine. Though her totem allows her greater potency in her animal mimicry abilities, Mari can tap into the Red, a universal force linked to all forms of life. She has worked with the Suicide Squad as well as multiple incarnations of the Justice League, making her an obvious powerhouse for when this super-team is finally formed.

Duke Thomas – The Signal

Duke is another option who might only have a place further down the DCU timeline, once Batman and The Joker’s many wars have played out — but he would certainly be worth the wait. As the son of an immortal super-villain, Duke’s journey from social movement leader to valued member of Black Lightning’s Outsiders team is full of screen potential.

Since Duke Thomas first meets Batman during the Zero Year crisis, Duke could also be incorporated into the DC Elseworlds films for The Batman. With Riddler’s riotous influence no doubt still slinking around Gotham, Duke could be another set of wings in the Bat-Family — we all know the Dark Knight isn’t above some assistance.

And these are only a few of the amazing Black characters of DC Comics! Who knows, in the future, the DCU might even incorporate Static Shock and other Milestone Media heroes. Who do you want to see up on your screen?

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