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The Mandalorian Character Posters

Star Wars™ shared new character posters for the third season of The Mandalorian™. The posters feature Din Djarin™, Bo-Katan Kryze™, and Greef Karga™. Season 3 of The Mandalorian will fly onto Disney+ on March 1.

DC Heroes & Villains Promo

DC Comics, Jam City, and Ludia shared a new promo for their upcoming mobile game DC Heroes & Villains. “A mysterious pulse weakened characters throughout the world and opened the door for the biggest Villains to take over. Heroes and Villains are forced to team up in a shaky alliance to fight for their survival in this all-new Puzzle RPG game!” You can pre-register for DC Heroes & Villains now.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch New Episode

Disney and Lucasfilm released a new episode of Star Wars: The Bad Batch™. This episode, titled “Retrieval,” sees the clones trying to recover a lost asset alongside a thief they must find a way to trust. Episode 10 of The Bad Batch is on Disney+ now.

The Last of Us Episode 7 Preview

HBO Max shared a preview for episode 7 of The Last of Us. The promo sees Ellie reuniting with an old friend Riley. The newest episode of The Last of Us will debut on HBO Max on February 26.

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