7 Things Han Shot at First

Ok, so we’re not here to comment on what may or may not have happened at the cantina (aka the most heated debate in Star Wars history). But one thing we know for sure is that Han Solo has always been the type to fire first and ask questions later. After all, there’s no match for a good blaster at your side. Here are 7 things we definitely saw Han shoot at first:

 7. An unsuspecting space slug in Hoth’s asteroid field

6. This Imperial Officer…


5. …and his intercom. (It was a boring conversation anyway)


6. The garbage compactor, and all of his friends inside it.


5. Several surprised Stormtroopers…



4. This garbling, unidentified probe droid


3. Sarlaac tentacles (It’s all right, trust him!)

2. Darth Vader’s wingman…

1. …and the Sith Lord himself. Yep, didn’t even hesitate.

What do you think we’ll get to see Han shoot next in Star Wars: The Force Awakens?


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