Back to the ’80s: ’80s Movie & TV Memorabilia Collectibles

Undoubtedly, the 1980s were a golden era of pop culture. Colorful characters graced our TV screens. Action heroes were abundant. The local movie theater always had a fantastic film on its silver screen, and you and your friends could take out an entire bucket of popcorn — or three — by the time the credits rolled. In times of trouble, we always turned to our favorite media to offer comfort, escape, or even real-life lessons about bravery and goodness.

If you’re longing for those days of movies and shows gone by, we’ve got you. Get nostalgic with a curated list of ’80s movie and television memorabilia that will give your collection that retro feeling you crave.

Back to the Future Mr. Fusion Replica

How would you react if time travel was real?

Alright. It is entirely possible to own your own DeLorean. But what if you could also outfit that vehicle with the reactor that Doc Brown and Marty McFly used to time travel? The Mr. Fusion Scaled Replica allows you to do exactly that. Or, you can place Factory Entertainment’s latest Back to the Future collectible in your home as a relic of temporal journeys you’ve been on. When guests ask what it is, just look off into the distance and say, very mysteriously, “I miss not needing roads.”

Ghostbusters Gozers Temple Collector Edition

Get ready to cross the streams!

The Gozers Temple Collectors Edition sculpt is based on the actual mold used in the original Ghostbusters. It can be displayed multiple ways to fit your firehouse home-base just right. Additionally, the replica comes with a copy of the deluxe Ghostbusters: The Ultimate Visual History. This book by Insight Collectibles takes readers on an in-depth dive into three decades of Ghostbusters fun, making it a must-have for fans of the franchise.

Skeletor Havoc Staff

Which of Skeletor’s cackles is your favorite?

Wreak havoc with Skeletor’s Havoc Staff Prop Replica! This scaled Masters of the Universe collectible by Factory Entertainment will have all the wannabe He-Mans fleeing while you gain dominion over every corner of your world. Whether that’s your home or just your collection room, we don’t know. All we do know is that this staff will make you feel 100% more powerful. So go ahead, start working on your own evil laugh today.

Indiana Jones Golden Fertility Idol

Experience the aloha with every sip!

No need to sneak into a temple or run away from a giant boulder. Get your gold goodies with all the effort of a few clicks! The Golden Fertility Idol Tiki Mug by Beeline Creative is easy to shop for and even easier to sip from. Relax on a beach, far away from snakes and poison darts — but definitely wear a fedora à la Indiana Jones, just to keep that bright jungle sun out of your eyes.

T-1000 Liquid Metal Art Mask

Reveal the truth of an unstoppable machine.

Here’s where your inner child can meet your retro art connoisseur. The T-1ooo Art Mask (Liquid Metal) Life-Size Bust by PureArts pays homage to Skynet’s ultimate killing machine. Its liquid molecular metal brain is rendered so expertly, you’ll think it’s moving no matter which angle you admire it from. Thus we do recommend putting this Terminator collectible behind bars or a glass case. You know … for safety…

Mumm-Ra Helmet

Become a master of magic!

While we can’t encourage you to wear this Mumm-Ra Helmet, we can encourage you to display it! The latest addition to the ever-expanding line of fantasy artifacts turned into high-end tangible pieces, Factory Entertainment’s new ThunderCats collectible combines historical and animated influences.

If you’re looking for more totally tubular throwbacks to all your ’80s favorites, be sure to check out Sideshow’s Back to the 80’s event! From May 22-24, we are celebrating retro fandoms and pop culture. Find out more on our Back to the 80’s event page.

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