A new character joins the Court of the Dead

Who is Shard? A pivotal new character joins the cast of the Court of the Dead!

Her arrival will change everything…

An original property from the creative minds at Sideshow, the Court of the Dead hosts a myriad of fascinating and contentious characters; among them a ruthless queen, a steadfast executioner, cunning spies, and fierce warriors, all lead by Death himself.

But now, the fragile alliance between the leaders of the Court’s factions has been rocked by sudden change. Upon the shores of the dead, there have been whispers of a mortal rising in the Underworld. Shard is coming, and what she means for Death’s ambitions, and the fate of mankind as we know it is yet uncertain.

With a brand new original comic on the way, more will be revealed about this mysterious new character from the Court as we draw closer to San Diego Comic-Con!

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