Announcing a new collection from Badali Jewelry

Sideshow is excited to announce a new officially licensed Court of the Dead jewelry collection from Badali Jewelry.

With over 40 years experience as an accomplished gold and silversmith, the President and Master Jeweler of Badali Jewelry, Paul Badali and Vice Presient and Jewelry Designer, Janelle Badali-Powell, have built an incredible family-owned company known for their work inspired by popular films and literature including Lord of the Rings, H.P. Lovecraft and many more. A long-time fan of fantasy and science fiction, Badali’s magnificent designs are hand forged into meaningful touchstones with an unsurpassed level of craftsmanship and genuine enthusiasm.

Paul Badali, President and Master Jeweler of Badali Jewelry forging of The One Ring™ of Power from The Lord of the Rings

So when Badali Jewelry approached Sideshow to propose a new collection inspired by the mythology behind the Court of the Dead, it was a match made, well… in the Underworld.

“I stood there pointing at every little detail on the figures saying, ‘I want to make that bracelet. And that ring. And that necklace. Oh and that!’”
—Janelle Badali-Powell, VP of Badali Jewelry

“I was blown away by the love poured into those characters,” says Janelle Badali-Powell, VP of Badali Jewelry. “Sideshow has always drawn me in with their stellar work, but there was something particularly tangible about the level of passion that went into the Court figures. I stood there pointing at every little detail on the figures saying, ‘I want to make that bracelet. And that ring. And that necklace. Oh and that!’ I feel a great sense of honor that we have been allowed to be a part of the Court of The Dead, and can’t wait to help the story unfold for other fans.”

Court of the Dead Creative Director Tom Gilliland shares the significance of this collaboration stating, “Jewelry represents a very meaningful expression of one’s own personality – whether it belongs to one of our ornately costumed denizens of the Underworld, or to a real-life admirer of those characters. There is nothing more authentic than being able to connect with a physical token or talisman from a fictional world that has captured your imagination.”

“Badali has successfully captured the artistic spirit and passion our team has for the Court of the Dead, and as fans continue to be enchanted by the mythos of this property they’ll have the opportunity to participate in an entirely new way, thanks to this impressive, wearable collection. We couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Shed your mortality and join the unlikely heroes of the Underworld in their quest to Rise, Conquer, and Rule!

Badali Jewelry is proud to debut the Court of the Dead collection with an ‘Underworld United’ medallion pendant, and an impressive signet ring worthy of any hero in the Underworld.

These skillfully crafted pieces will be available in a variety of hand-polished metals including bronze, sterling silver, and even 14k gold, with multiple finish options. Prices start at $59.

To see the current selections and place your order, please visit the official Badali Jewelry website.