Artist Daniel Bel Joins Sideshow Team of Sculptors!

Sideshow is excited to announce that Daniel Bel is the latest addition to our exclusive team of super-talented sculptors. Boasting more than a decade of experience and some phenomenal collectible hits, Daniel’s monumental skills are second only to his passion for pop culture.

Daniel resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with his lovely wife and daughter, and two playful dogs. Read on to learn more about Daniel and his awesome journey as an artist…

How did you get into sculpting?

I had been working in the CG industry for 10 years before I found the digital scultping market. And when I made that discovery, I was worried, because I didn’t know if I could become a sculptor. I don’t know how to draw or paint like the majority of sculptors out there. So, I started studying anatomy, proportions and all the fundamental things that you need to know to sculpt a character.

Of course, I also practiced a lot… really, a lot! After many months of intensive work, I did my first digital sculpture: Beowulf, a popular character of Nordic mythology. My wife suggested Beowulf, and I sculped it. To my surprise, that piece opened many doors in my new path as a digital sculptor! After that, I started receiving job offers from the collectibles market.

What do you love about being a sculptor?

I love this profession for many reasons, but I would highlight the possibility of creating a character following my own style, trying to give life and a fresh image to what the collectors look for in each piece.

The other reason is closely related to this one, because it has to do with the satisfaction that I feel when a collector appreciates the piece in itself and all the hard work behind it. Receiving all kinds of messages from people who like and support my art is the most rewarding part of my profession, and what makes me love it the most.

What excites you most about working with Sideshow?

I’m excited about working for a company with a rich history of remarkable quality, that respects the collectors’ wishes and the artists’ preferences, as well. Moreover, being part of the company with the most talented artists in the world is like a dream to any artist.

What will you be working on with Sideshow?

I will be part of the Sideshow Sculpt Team, so, basically, I’ll be designing and sculpting a lot of the most popular Marvel and DC Comics characters for the 1/4 scale Premium Format™ line.

What are some of your favorite Sideshow pieces?

There is so many great pieces that it’s really hard to chose, but I love the Hulk Comiquette, the Bane PF, the Thanos on the Throne, the Doctor Doom PF, and the Court of the Dead Reaper… but the list continues…

Who are some of your favorite pop culture characters? Why?

As people might notice in my work, I’m a lover of the human anatomy, so I really like all the characters in which the anatomy is the key feature: Hulk, Wolverine, and the classics like Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, the Flash, Silver Surfer, Colossus… and many many others like them are my favorites.

Who are some of the Sideshow artists you admire and are excited to work with?

This is a really tough question because Sideshow almost has all the best artists in the world working for them, lol. It’s difficult to name just a few, but I can say that I’ll love to work with Martin Canale, Will Harbottle, Mark Newman and Steve Lord… among some many other very talented people on the sculpting team.


Stay tuned to the Sideshow blog, social media, and Livestream for more news about Daniel and the incredible work he is doing for Sideshow!