Atomic Misfit Curator Feature Day 6- Sideshow Con 2020

As a part of Sideshow Con 2020, we are excited to announce an entirely new brand focused on celebrating the chic, unique, and misfit geeks- meet Atomic Misfit!

This inclusive brand creates and curates everything wild, weird, whimsical, and wondrous to inspire you and your unique style. To celebrate this exciting launch, every day during Sideshow Con, we will be featuring our first round of curator highlights from our own team as spotlight our favorite fandoms and products that celebrate them!

Get ready to meet today’s featured curator, Madison A. from Sideshow’s Marketing team! Here’s what she had to say about finding her belonging in fandom!

Please introduce yourself to our audience.

My name is Madison A., and I work with the Marketing team. I’ve been at Sideshow since 2017.

What would you say are your three favorite pop culture fandoms/licenses? Why do you like them, and how you connect to them as a fan?

I’d have to say favorite fandoms are Marvel, Batman and his villains (especially the female ones), and Disney. Growing up I was very much an outcast and didn’t really have too many friends, so I would spend a lot of time at home with my mom. She is actually the reason I found my love for comic book characters.

Batman was the first superhero I was introduced to. My mom and I would watch all the movies together. I know this isn’t everyone’s favorite movie, but when I watched Batman and Robin and saw Poison Ivy for the first time I just fell in love with her. Then from there I learned about Harley and fell in love with her as well. Even though they were villains I still looked up to them as strong and intelligent women.

Marvel is a similar story, but I became attached to the heroes rather than the villains. First it was Spider-Man, then Captain America, and shortly after, all of them. Watching their movies and reading a few of the comics taught me so many lessons in life.

Now I can go on forever about Disney, but I will stick to my two favorite reasons why I love Disney; Lilo and Stitch! Just like other movies and characters, you can find yourself in them and feel attached. Lilo & Stitch for me was an instant connection.

The first reason was that I was born on Kauai and I didn’t know many people who knew of the island at the time. Second was that just like Lilo and Stitch, I felt like I didn’t fit in, no one wanted me, and I was lost. They taught me that even when you feel unwanted or lost, you ARE wanted and you will be able to find your path in life.

Also, they showed me that it is ok to not “fit in”and it is okay to be weird, because there are people out there who appreciate that. A perfect example of this is Atomic Misfit and the Sideshow family!

What from our catalogue would you recommend for likeminded collectors? What personally inspires you?

Recommendation #1: Gotham Girls Art Print Collectible Set by Emma ‘Anarkitty’ Geary (Sideshow)– The Gotham Girls by Anarkitty is one of my favorite print sets of these ladies! It is just so cute and has so many cool details in each image. If you look at the buildings in the background of Catwoman, Harley, and Ivy, they have specific additions to the skyline that represent each character.

Recommendation #2: Stitch Statue (Enesco)– I am a huge fan of Stitch! I love the folk art style that has been added to the statue. That really makes this piece so unique and I love it! I also feel like this statue appeals more to the cute and sweet side of Stitch.

Recommendation #3: Captain America Sixth Scale Figure (Hot Toys)– I currently have this on pre-order and CANNOT wait to get it! Captain America is my favorite superhero, and after watching Avengers: Endgame, I absolutely had to own a sixth scale figure of Cap wielding Mjolnir.

Come back tomorrow- Sunday, July 26th- for our final featured Sideshow Con Atomic Misfit curator from the Sideshow Team. We will continue this series in the upcoming months, so make sure to keep an eye out for more hand-picked fandom goodness!

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