Sideshow Con 2020 – Day 7 Overview

It’s the last day of Sideshow Con 2020! We are so thankful we could share this event with you to celebrate all your favorite characters and pop culture collectibles. But even the last day of a convention is made complete by its programming guide!

Take this as your handy schedule for all of the excitement happening everywhere online during Day 7 of Sideshow Con 2020!

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We are going to have new video coming your way all day long with product spotlight videos, podium spotlight videos, artist videos, random Reward Code drops, giveaways, and more! Here are the scheduled live-stream/booth tour videos you can expect to see:

  • 6am – Sideshow Con Daily News
  • 6:30am – Today’s Sideshow Con Exclusives Announcement
  • 8am – Livestream: Day 6 Booth Tour
  • 12pm – Livestream: By-request booth tour
  • 4pm – Livestream: Hot Toys Summer Showcase
  • 5pm – Strike A Pose – Season Two Episode 6
  • 6pm – Daily Wrap Up**

**This is exclusively for Let Your Geek Sideshow Members (Join here:

Stay tuned to our social media for even more content launching all day long, but be sure to add these streams to your schedule!


We are going to be giving away a massive amount of prizes every single day on every single one of our social media channels. If you want a chance to win one of the many contests or giveaways, make sure to join, follow, like, subscribe, turn on notifications, etc. on all of our channels and groups.


New at Sideshow:

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Atomic Misfit:

Court of the Dead: