Atomic Misfit Curator Feature- November 2020 (2 of 2)

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Get ready to meet this month’s featured curator, Mel K., who shares her favorite fun and functional ways to wear her fandom for all to see!

Please introduce yourself to our audience.

Hi! My name is Mel K. and I have been at Sideshow since May 2019, as a part of the Marketing department.

What would you say are your three favorite pop culture fandoms/licenses?

1. Clone Wars

Clone Wars was when my love of Star Wars began. I liked Star Wars before, but having six (at the time) seasons of character development for those characters we already knew plus the introduction of fabulous new characters made me love it even more. Clone Wars told some wonderful new stories that I think people can really relate to (if you remove the whole outer space thing), but it also gave you such insight into Anakin’s relationship with the Jedi Order. I just can’t help but love the series that gave me Ahsoka, Satine Kryze, Ventress, and more Darth Maul.

2. Disney

Disney movies are super fun but also do a really great job of tugging on your heartstrings. And the songs! You can’t sing One Jump Ahead or belt out Poor Unfortunate Souls and not be in a better mood after. I have been a Disneyland passholder for most of my life and it is my happy place. Disney is just synonymous with childlike wonder and nostalgia for me, there was never a question that I would love Disney.

3. Harry Potter

I randomly picked up my sister’s copy of The Sorcerer’s Stone and didn’t put it down until I had finished the book. The entire series is magical and engaging, the movies are wonderful. I have very fond memories of the midnight release parties at our local bookstore. I would come home and immediately start reading (I would actually start reading in the car on the way home but I had to hide it from my mom because she said reading in the low light would ruin my eyes. 20 years later and my eyes are fine, mom). I would usually stay up all night so I could finish the book before school or work the next day. I have reread them multiple times over the years and they never get old.

What from our catalogue would you recommend for likeminded collectors? What personally inspires you?

Recommendation #1: Luke Skywalker™ & Darth Vader™ Crossed Lightsaber Necklace (RockLove Jewelry)– I love letting my Geek Sideshow with jewelry. It’s great that I can show my love for my favorite fandoms or characters with any outfit or in any situation. RockLove makes some great stuff and this necklace is no exception!

The burst where the lightsabers are meeting reminds me a bit of the Jedi Order symbol, so maybe this piece is not only a representation of the fight between Luke and Vader but also the meeting of the old and new Jedi Orders. The attention to detail with the subtle differences in each saber is probably my favorite bit.

Can we also talk about the box it comes in though? Not only is your jewelry really well protected, but it is such a stunning presentation of the piece.

Recommendation #2: Miss Mindy Rapunzel Figurine (Enesco)– I LOVE Miss Mindy’s work. Everything she does is whimsical and too dang cute. I especially like this style because you kind of get two pieces in one; you have Rapunzel herself, but you also have a mini “I See The Light” scene inside of her skirt, which even lights up to make the lanterns glow.

In addition to just being a really fun piece, it is super low-profile. I don’t have a ton of space for collecting so I prefer smaller pieces so I can have a more varied collection.

Recommendation #3: The Child Cradle Mini Backpack (Loungefly)– I mean, it’s the Child. Do I need to explain why this is great? I know I don’t, but I am going to anyway. Not only is this adorable and precious but it is a functional collectible you can use in everyday life.

I was initially hesitant about the mini backpacks because I need space in my bags, but these are deceptively spacious. The little frog zipper pull and the lining really sealed the deal on my need to acquire this asset.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Atomic Misfit gives us so many different ways to celebrate our favorite fandoms and there is no wrong way to do it!

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