NASA’s Kayla LaFrance Shares Space Center Adventures with The Child Life-Size Figure

Recently, Sideshow had the opportunity to interview NASA team member, collector, and all-around geek Kayla LaFrance about her fandom, her career, and her collection.

Kayla works at NASA JSC Mission Control as an OSO (Operations Support Officer) and has incredible space-borne relics in her collection, but recently she acquired another alien asset from a galaxy far, far away.

After adding The Child Life-Size Figure to her collection, Kayla has shared some incredible pictures on her social media taking the adorable figure on a variety of adventures, including to the Space Center in Houston, TX. With moon rocks, models, space shuttles, and more, there was plenty of incredible science to be seen. Check out some of her amazing snapshots below!

To learn more about Kayla’s incredible career and geek passions, be sure to read our Career Geeks interview with two NASA team members who are also Sideshow collectors! You can also keep up to date on where she’s taking the Child next by following her on Twitter @On2Mars_Kayla.

Thank you for sharing the adventure with The Child Life-Size Figure and for letting your Geek Sideshow, Kayla!