Avengers Assemble! Our Statue Line is here!

Marvel fans! Assemble!

Sideshow’s Avengers Assemble Statue Collection continues to go from strength to strength!

Inspired by some of Marvel’s most popular superheroes in their most iconic guises, these new 1:5 scale statues capture the power, majesty and sheer awesomeness of the Earth’s mightiest heroes!

Drawing on their own lifelong love of these characters and their world, Sideshow’s artists have taken inspiration from the movies, cartoons and comic books that they cherish and admire, and created their own quintessential personifications of four of the most beloved members of the Avengers line up.

Art Director, David Igo said:

“The Avengers Assemble Series was all about capturing a feeling. We tasked our artistic team with ‘trying to find the classic’ in each hero. To make the most iconic and nostalgic versions of some of our favorite characters. Not just in look, but in pose, in composition, in everything. This collection is about heroes defined!”

Following the hugely positive reaction to our Captain America and Iron Man statues, we are proud to announce the addition of Thor and The Hulk to the series – allowing fans to not only collect a selection of stunning stand-alone art pieces, but to create a powerful  and dynamic diorama with four of the greatest heroes in the Marvel universe!

David added:

“We kept that Sideshow style hyper-real look. Even though the wardrobe is retro and the palette is super saturated, the costumes still feel real, the armor looks functional. It’s the time-honored version of your favorite Avengers, but it’s also quintessentially Sideshow in terms of attention to detail and in quality. We’re super-proud of this series, and I’m excited for people to finally see Thor and the Hulk!”

Each Sideshow Exclusive variant of these limited edition collectibles comes with a swap out “classic portrait” for a more retro feel, inspired by their vintage comic book incarnations.

Captain America and Iron Man are available for pre-order now, with Thor coming soon!

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