Batman and All of His Robins

Bruce Wayne is a good man at heart. Ultimately, he wants to help Gotham reach its true potential. Part of that goal is being Batman, and so is his constant dedication to training sidekicks to reach their truest potential.

He’s had quite a few sidekicks, usually orphans like him, and many of them have taken on the crest of Robin. So let’s meet a few of the most prominent Robins in DC Comics, and learn just how they became part of the Bat-Family.

Dick Grayson

He was a circus performer along with his parents, but after a terrible accident, Dick Grayson was left all alone. Bruce Wayne felt for the young child, and took him on as his ward, but didn’t quite realize how clever he was. Dick Grayson quickly found the Batcave.

It took a while to convince him, but eventually Dick Grayson became Robin and joined Batman in his fight against crime. Eventually, he would go on to become Nightwing and, one day, even Batman.

Jason Todd

There are multiple versions of Jason Todd’s origins stories. In some versions, his origin is almost identical to Dick Grayson’s. Alternatively, in other versions, Jason Todd is a struggling kid caught stealing the Batmobile’s tires. But in any version of the origin, Batman trusts Jason Todd to take on the role of Robin.

However, after a vote from actual fans and readers, Jason Todd gets killed by The Joker. After being revived by the Lazarus Pit, he comes back angrier and more powerful than ever. He becomes the Red Hood, and unlike Batman, he always deals a killing blow.

Tim Drake

Tim Drake loved the circus growing up. In fact, he was a big fan of the Flying Graysons. Dick Grayson was friendly with Tim Drake, and even promised to dedicate his performance to him! Tim grew up idolizing him. And after seeing some footage of Batman and Robin defeating The Penguin, Tim noticed that Robin did a quadruple somersault, just like the Flying Grayson performance.

It wasn’t long before he pieced together who Batman and Robin were. He trained for years on his own, hoping to be good enough to be included in their adventures. And after Jason Todd died, Tim Drake went to Batman himself with the hopes of becoming his new Robin. Batman reluctantly agreed.

But when Dick Grayson became Batman, he thought Tim Drake was an equal, not a sidekick. So Tim became the Red Robin, and fought crime on his own.

Stephanie Brown

Stephanie Brown has a few different origins as well, but in one, her father is the criminal Cluemaster. When she sees his evil deeds, she goes out in costume to fight crime as Spoiler, trying to stop his plans before they ever happen.

While she’s out fighting crime, she ends up getting close with the current Robin, Tim Drake. But when Tim Drake’s father finds out that he is Robin, he’s forced to stop.

So Stephanie Brown stepped up to the plate and asked Batman if she could take on the role of Robin. And so, for a short time, she was Robin!

Damian Wayne

Damian Wayne is the son of Talia al Ghul and Bruce Wayne himself. He is the rightful heir to the League of Shadows, where he was born and raised for 10 years. From a young age, he was a skilled and aggressive assassin.

He first met Bruce when he was 10, and since then, he has been Robin. He is arrogant and over-confident, and more willing to talk back to Batman than any of the other Robins — which is saying something.

Carrie Kelly

Carrie Kelly is the Robin of the future. She arrives first in the Dark Knight Returns series, where an old Bruce Wayne comes back as Batman, despite the government ban on super heroes.

On his first night back as Batman, he saves Carrie Kelly, inspiring the young woman to dress up as Robin and fight by his side. Carrie helps in the fight between Batman and Superman.

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